Should've known better and should've waited instead of getting Mr. Fantastic, but oh well, done's done.

Managed to scrounge up 18 CPs since to get Quicksilver; will see if I can get 90 more while normally progressing with the Spec. Op tasks and 5 starring Chapter 9. Since I only have 3 more chapters to master, I'm guessing that I'll still be short about 60 points... which I'll either have to farm or get it using gold.

However, since task 25 can be completed prior to completing task 24 (that is, can meet the requirements for it), I'll have a full month to farm 90 CPs. Which is to say, 3 CP a day and that's a very reasonable amount to aim for.

The only thing is whether I'll have the luck and time to get Grief Research, but that's something closer to a bonus than a must, so not really sweating it much.

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