Season2 results

Having finished the last season at Diamond, my goal this season was to reach Vibranium.

It seemed doable in the beginning, but towards the end the drop per AFK PVP was so steep that I had all but given up on it. Thankfully, PVP ended at 5 am local time, allowing me to simply stay up all night. Far more manageable than having to fight while at work.

I spent the last 6 hours or so moving up from 10% or so to 3%, then about an hour trying to stay within 3%. I got lucky at the very end, being able to finish the fight at 2.8% with just 15 seconds remaining and with nobody attacking me in the meantime.

The team above did okay, although it really depended at times on luck since GR didn't do too well against WW2 Captains. Emma was most often foiled by the opposing agent, and while Coulson's Revenge still seems to rule the day, agents with all 4 pieces of the demon set were difficult to deal with as well.

The Nanite Gun seems fairly useless as it deals very little damage, so it may be headed to the armory as well. Looking forward to the Agent Scrapper's uniform, after which I may change my PVP team to take advantage of it.

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