PVP at 964 (-496, From Adamantium to Diamond League)

Wow, that was depressing as hell. ? One day off and you're down nearly 500 points. ? Ouch.

-P5 Emma, Alt B Strange, G Agent Lewis: CRevenge, Scroll of Melsalam, Rocket Pistol, Hex Wand (+17, 980)

-P5 Emma, P5 Colossus, G Agent: CRevenge, Dark Sigil, Cosmic Flame, Faulteater (+15, 994)

-P5 Emma, P5 Colossus, G Agent Nunyo: Cosmic Flame, Fury, Signpost, Grief (+14, 1008)

-P5 Emma, Alt B Strange, G Agent Samurai: GTBlade, Soulfinder (+15, 1023)

-P5 Emma, P5 S Colossus, T Agent Williams: CRevenge, QJumper, Pinion,(+14, 1036)

-P5 Emma, Rogue, G Agent Kitten: OFKilling, MFG, Signpost, Faulteater, (-17, 1018)

Combination of bad turns, bad rolls and bad decision making. ? Rogue is pretty hard to kill off and gets a ton of extra turns, something I should look into as an option.

-P5 Emma, Mockingbird, G Agent Rodrago: Pinion, Signpost, Digital Decoy (+15, 1032)

-21 AFK, 1010

-P5 Emma, Avenger Cap, G Agent Xtina: Signpost, Faulteater, (+18, 1028)

-Alt Strange, S Witch, Bruiser AGent: Dark Sigil, Soulfinder, (+13, 1040)

Cursed mirror cannot be removed with UP.

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