After getting Havok and Wasp to 10 and CGB to 7...

  1. Havok/GB, if you get lucky, is quite fun.
  2. Havok's Plasma Spheres can inflict Weaken/Dizzy/Slow/Exposed... all of which are required for GB's curse to go off. In essence, first turn catastrphic can channel into lots of stamina saving moves for GB.
  3. Havok/Wasp, if you get lucky, is also quite fun.
  4. Wasp's opportunist triggers on Dizzy, something that Havok can inflict, but the real fun is with Staggered, something Wasp can inflict and makes up for Havok's low accuracy.
  5. Which, by the way, makes Magneto also a nice combo with Havok since his magnetism will prevent dodges.
  6. But the true beast of this season is Psylocke/GB
  7. First off, GB is godly when the opponent has a scrapper. So there goes the class disadvantage of having an Infiltrator.
  8. Second, and most importantly, Psylocke's Mental Coordination can trigger Merelyn's gift. Basically, if GB attacks via Mental Coordination, he has a chance to get ANOTHER TURN!
  9. Combine that with Coulson's Revenge, you got yourself a really mean, mean, mean, GB (who will be lacking stamina).
  10. Psylocke, of course, is the anti-Emma, but Emma really doesn't scare me much now.
  11. Magneto is fun because Agents almost always will be magnetized. That's almost a free stun right there, and his pre-emptive attacks against magnetized opponents are nothing to scoff at.
  12. He may be a lot of fun with high-damage, low-accuracy types of weapons and heroes, and I can envision ISO'ing  to maximize this. Havok with all attack, or Thor with all attack ISOs... or Hulk... the list goes on and on.
  13. Mockingbird was expensive (160) but hopefully she'll be worth it. Again, her mocking blow exploits: bleed, burn, chill, combo, dizzy, exposed, poison, slow, stun - again, fun combo possibilities with Havok.
  14. Which makes me wonder how she'll do paired with GB, and perhaps an Agent with Paragon Exploiter himself.

All in all, lots of possible combinations to choose from. Currently, however, I'm using Valkyrie and WW2 Cap (really bad AFK, but decent on-keyboard). The idea here is that Cap will hold fort while Valkyrie sets up. Unlike the AI, I prefer to open with the Flight, removing counter attack (Nanite Guns, Wolverine, Black Widow, Infiltrators against Cap) and to apply exposed. Then Cap can lock on or do his thing, while my agent will slowly mow them down with his Rocket Pistol.

Agent setup is the usual: Signpost, MFG, Techno-Organic (makes him pretty much immune to Emma while negating the poison from signpost) and the Rocket Pistol.  The TO also makes the agent immune to bleeding, something that is very handy against Wolverine (although Wolvie will be Valk fodder).

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