Playdom pulled a nasty one on me and nerfed half my armory, which were widow's kisses, capacitive impeders, defribillators and what not.

They were nerfed from over 2k PVP bonus to barely 1k or around 900, making them worse than the Mechanical Mjolnirs, Dark Sigils, Balthak Rings and Destroyer Power Relics.  Since those are around 1.2~1.4k each and better than the mead horns I had standing by, I've lost around 10k in Attack and Defense each.

Considering that I not only worked hard to get the nerfed items but also the items i've replaced with the nerfed items, this was a very discouraging blow. Oh well. 

Finished 5 Starring all of Spec Op 7, got both Hank and the Black Knight (and Punisher), so I'm only missing X-23 and Fantomex.

I have given up on PVP, just doing it for the Spin and 500 xp bonus although I'm mostly winning 5X PVP, which is useless for me.

At level 276 now too so my Meta is pretty tough with everyone having just about every hero and having them at level 12 each. For me I still have 12 heroes stuck in level 11 as well as Punisher, Hank and Black Knight who are nowhere near level 11...

Oh well, it is what it is.

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