Obviously there is no 'right' way to create a PVP/PVE team. I'm just going to tell you how I approach this, and maybe you will find something that could be applied to your team building process.

  1. Must-use Hero: In PVE, it's usually the Hero that needs the experience. In PVP, there is no such thing, but for fun's sake it could be a hero that you would LIKE to use. It's always better to have a concrete starting point, although you may change your mind afterwards as you stumble into a more efficient combination.
  2. Once your main hero is chosen, you have to look at him/her and determine his/her weaknesses. No area attacks? No attacks that bypass tanks? Nothing to wear out Mental Anguish? Low damage? Low defense? For the sake of this mental exercise, let's say you've just leveled Tigra to 12 and are dying to use her. Her health, attack and defense are quite dismal, damage output somewhat low, and in general reliant on bleeding to deal damage. She's got nothing that could bypass tanks and is an infiltrator so will be hit fairly hard.
  3. My usual approach is to work on her strengths. She's got a lot of things that take advantage of bleeding, so it's probably a good start to pair her with somebody else that bleeds. Black Cat with an alt suit sounds wonderful, and there's also Wolverine, Black Panther and Sif that can take advantage of bleeding.
  4. Now they aren't game breakers on their own, which should make you think twice about using this combination in PVP. While the goal is to create a product that's greater than the sum of its parts, it always helps if the sum alone is great. We're admittedly working with a low sum here.
  5. Still, let's start breaking down our three candidates:
    • Black Cat: with her alt suit, she gets 3 stacks right away, so it makes Tigra's hemorraging quick action that much more powerful in a hurry. If Tigra goes first, Nerve chop takes advantage of the stacks Tigra has placed quite well, doing big damage in a hurry. All in all fairly decent either way. Scrapper is probably better since Tigra is already an infiltrator
    • Wolverine: he can also get two stacks quickly, and if Tigra goes first, can go for the ravaging attack as well. However, it's not really game-changing in any way, and while he has the self-heal, it's a bit limited. I don't see much in his favor other than more damage, but that kinda gets cancelled out by the exploit bleeding from Black Cat.
    • Black Panther: interesting because of Panther Stance. While Tigra won't allow him to get to Panther Stance quicker, you could seriously consider going PS with just Guile of the Panther since it will exploit bleeding and counter. His added bonus actually is with the daggers that can get rid of opponent's buffs. However, somewhat slower build than Black Cat, and sligthly lower oomph overall.
    • Sif: She is interesting because she can also be used as a Bruiser to counter Scrappers which will pose Tigra problems. She also has a defensive buff, and tenderizes. Considering that 3 of tigra's attacks are slashing, this could be an interesting option. It's a bit counter intuitive and not as one-shot-able as the Black Cat, but her attacks are very compatible with Tigra
  6. Once you have chosen the partner in crime, it is time to decide what to do with your agent. There are the usual suspects and some more bleeding specific ones, such as:
    • Magnetic Field Generator: Tigra is fragile. You need to protect her, and the extra turn it can offer is always nice when you need heaps of bleeding stacks
    • Sacrificial Blade: looks good on first glance, except that it will 'consume' bleeding stacks. Nope.
    • Quantum Jumper: more turns, the merrier. The hidden use of this is that you can use this to change the order of your heroes. If you want Tigra going first but Sif is about to go, QJ will fix that. Of course, the Agent will have to go first in order to change it, but it gives you more leeway.
    • Brutal Claw/Sabretooth Claw/Snikt: Well, your agent could jump in on the fun and apply bleeding. This is something to consider if Tigra's Feral Instinct is worthwhile. But honestly, you could just as well use a Quantum Jumper to have other heroes apply bleeding on their own, so I don't see the point much.
    • Combat Program: other than Frenzy, none of the Heroes above have an area attack, so this could be useful to stack attacks as well.
    • Signpost: just my personal favorite, it helps you deal with sticky situations as it always deals 1/10th damage, heals your agent, and can use it even with Mental Anguish on and against Phased Targets.
  7. Trial and Error: not everything goes as planned. It may turn out that Tigra actually does well enough alone and requires help with other areas of the game, such as bypassing tanks (which, by the way, none of the above Heroes can do) or needing a tank of her own to protect her from opposing scrappers. It is also possible that her bleeding works well in conjunction with other debuffs, such as Ghost Rider's Sin. Likely, the popularity of some other character (Mockingbird, Emma) will force you to change your style a bit and you may give up on using Tigra altogether.
  8. Still, the point was to simply walk through my thought process and share the things that I find interesting. I always like to have heroes and agents work together seamlessly and in harmony as opposed to having stand-alone heroes who just plow through on their own (though at the end, this is the most powerful and sure way if you can pull it off).

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