1. I'm not into this PVP season, mostly because I've given up on PVP now. My computer starts crashing on PVP and it really saddles me with a loss at the most unfortunate time... so I'm just going for Platinum now. Gold will be missed but I have no use for it since I won't be PVP'ing, and have amassed 300 CPs.

2. CP farming is now irrelevant in that I have all the heroes issued thus far. With me playing roughly 120~180 energy worth a day, I can usually keep up with whatever playdom decides to announce simply by doing whatever; right now I'm doing 10.6 instead of 4.4 (better drops, but since I'm not doing PVP, I'm not sure why i bother).

3. Levelling heroes, and therefore silver, seems to be my worst bottleneck. Not playing enough, you never get enough silver - silver that used never be a problem when playing extensively and having your heroes go on infinite 20 minute runs. Oh well.

4. Once Psylocke is out and I get Havok and, hopefully, Magneto, there'll be tons of heroes for me to juggle for xp. All the rest are somewhere in the 10~12 range... oh boy. A lot of PVE.

5. Reforging seems nice but will wait on it til I hit level 300. At level 232 or something anyway, so it's not that long a wait. I think I am doing roughly one or two levels a week, and with 1200+ small energies and a few large energies, I'll get there sooner than later.

6. Not playing PVP really hurts in that I am missing out on the super cool trench coats. But I'll probalby only really want the generalist one anyway, so will wait. Have only gotten the scrapper one, but not using it :(

7. Of the new heroes, Punisher and Psylocke seem exciting. Cable and Tigra were fun too, and I'm really missing Mockingbird... the only empty spot on my roster.

8. Generalist QS is tempting. I loved the Scrapper one since he was very useful in 9.6 (he gets to go first, so I turn all the mindless ones into scrappers, then finish them off with my bruiser of choice), but a generalist one will probably be more useful in general.

9. Magneto and Havok, I'm not that impressed. Will see how they connect, especially since melt armor may make scrappers very viable against bruisers.

10. None of the new equipment really stand out like the Phoenix missions did, but maybe i'm not paying enough attention.

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