Spec. Op 5, woohoo. Nice that they keep putting new stuff in, but really not that excited about this since I feel as if it's one Spec. Op after another in really quick succession and am kind of sick of them.

Also, the new Hero is quite underwhelming in what she does, although I think there may be ways of using her more effectively. I have tried Storm/Thor with Thunderstrike and Fistborne Defibrillator, all of which have some way of static charging the opponent.  I think it may actually work with the correct setup, but since my Storm is a Blaster it's a bit tough in terms of survival. The idea was to chain stuff using static charge and electricity attacks, but it simply takes too long to setup and Cosmic Power debuffs it too easily.

Still, having Val would be more effective than having Thor since her attack is easier to get off, but we'll see.

The change to Black Widow is OK, but that means I have to purchase her grey outfit (currently the descriptions seem reversed though). Of course I have the Avenger's outfit, so for me it doesn't do much other than having the skill changed around.  Having the Revenge Mark be automatic is kinda nice, although now it will bounce around as opposed to stacking.  Will have to see how that works in action as they claim to have increased the damage bonus.

Honestly though, it's Wolverine's costume that needs tweaking, and Hawkeye needs some work as well.  It's a start.

My PVP setup has changed and now am using Ghost Rider.  He suffers a bit against Bruiser Cap/Colossus, but he'll work up any team without Emma since those debuffs stack in a hurry.

Agent needs a Dark Sigil, so been farming 9.6, but so far, no luck.  Got one Ring so have moved on to Excelsior, but dang, not sure if I should be farming CPs instead.  At this rate, however, will reach 90 CPs before getting Dark Sigil.  Once I get the Sigil, I am considering getting the FF Bruiser for HTorch.  Between the Sigil and GR, his lvl 2 should do tons of damage.  

Current Agent setup is: MFG, QJ, FDefib, and Signpost.  I do think the Signpost is quite overpowered as it basically ignores everything, does constant damage regardless, and heals.  Oh yeah, it's a Quick Action too, so I find I rely on this to kill off a lot of the opposing teams.  FDeFib is something I may switch out, but currently I have it for my AFK team so the agent will retaliate and has a chance to stun.

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