Seeing that how she's level 6, it's probably not quite 'first impression' but here goes:

  1. Absolutely useful starting at level 1, provided you are not in a mission with lots of mechanics. 
  2. Since her opportunist works on a number of debuffs, namely Off-balanced, staggered, Cornered, and Dizzy.
  3. It also EXPLOITS poison, off-balanced, cornered and dizzy with deadly crits.
  4. Did I mention that she can she can inflict all of them herself?
  5. Oh, and she flies. She can hide behind protectors without worrying about ground attacks.
  6. Lvl 1 atk: bio only, bio feedback, weakened
  7. Lvl 2 atk: distraction, staggered
  8. Lvl 6 atk: all, stealthy, nimble, off-balance
  9. Lvl 9 atk: cornered, dizzy
  10. So, her 6/9 will create a chance her passive will work AND exploit it.
  11. Opportunist 'stacks' with her infiltrator class bonus, so a tactician can actually get hit-back twice.
  12. Deadly crits make it rather fun, BUT it does not work against heroes/agents immune to poison. Oops!

All in all, she's actually quite useful and I like her a lot in PVE. The only problem is, as is the case for most infiltrators, fighting scrappers. Since the Scrapper class bonus really eats up any accuracy related debuffs, distraction really doesn't work too well. So she really does need protection to be used in PVP, I'm betting. 

Also, her counter attacks could work against her once she's hit with bleeding, so her risk is also on the high side.

Among the better heroes at low level, especially among those released after the initial batch. Extra points for specialized graphics too.

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