Finished the Spec. Op with 7/8 covers, so figured I'd make a run at Magneto... didn't know that it would cost me 70 gold, though I feared that something like that might happen.

Anyway, Britain's at lvl 4, and Magneto is still waiting for Psylocke to get to 11.

But it's not soon enough to make a decision on Britain. That dude is seriously, way, overpowered.

Built-in additional turn, bunch of debuffs, flying, and with all the new gimmicks...

  1. Might is Right - Weaken, Dizzy 
  2. Save the Queen - Exploit flying, Exposed
  3. Smashing - Ground, slow, stun
  4. Britain - Crits, Paragon exploiter (chilled, bleeding, burning, combo setup, dizzy, exposed, poison, slow, stun)
  5. Passive - Flying, Roar of Avalon (increase stacks, chance to reduce damage, 3 stack), chance to get another turn attacking dizzy, slow, expose, weaken and applies curse if all are applied.

Yes, his moves cost a LOT of stamina, but they're really worth it - he's killing level 252 Elektra at level 1! I currently pair him with heroes that slow, as it triggers his passive even at level 4. Could probably do that with other characters that could help him speed up his chain of events; although I can only think of Valkyrie when it comes to somebody who applies all the necessary debuffs in one step to all opponents.

Magneto is a mixed bag and I'll have to wait until level 9 to pass judgement. He could likely remove MFG from my agent, which would be a major plus, and preventing crits could make him a really viable hero to pair with Bruisers. So far though, he is a bit wimpy; especially since 10.6 has a ton of infiltrators who just eat him alive.

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