As of today (Nov.20th) I have obtained every hero I could get other than Mocking Bird (expired), Deadpool (locked) and Cable (locked)

So instead of 4.4, I'll be shifting my farm to 7.3 to see if I can get better PVP bonus loot.

I still need a ton of CPs for my alts, in order:

1. Kitty = 32

2. Black Cat = 32

3. Captain America = 40

4. Sif = 42

5. Marvel = 30

6. Spiderman = 50

7. Thor = 51

8. Thing = 28

9. Fantastic = 50

10. Torch = 42

11. Thor = 51

= 448

That's still a long way to go, but at least now I don't really need to rush for CPs. Sure there'll probably be another Spec Op once this is over, but there won't be a hero that I'll need to purchase just to go through the missions and I' can always revert back to 4.4 farming if absolutely necessary.

Now I'll be focusing more on the PVP bonus and levelling all my heroes to 12, since only 5 of them are currently at 12 and there still are about a few that haven't even cracked lvl 9 yet.

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