• Odin's staff and Power of Four. Well, Power of Four wins. Odin's staff didn't help me there.
  • Odin's staff and Deathwatch. Timing of Deathwatch is very tricky for this to work and not really worth it.
  • Deathwatch and Geirr. Well, it's interesting except that the bonus in damage does not justify lowering HP intentionally. Until I find other usage for Sacrificial Blessing, this probably won't work.
  • Hoary Mace and Odin's staff. The idea was to protect without fear of dying, at least for a round. Again, tricky timing.
  • Sacrificial Blade - just not enough healing.
  • Hoary Mace + counters. Nanite was somewhat interesting, but really not worth it overall.


  • Dark Sigil + Damnation Chains. Skips right to Soulfire. Now I wish I had that Soulfire Blade...

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