Friday, Nov 23rd.

Whenever I edit, it places an additional "?" at the end of sentences. ? Annoying.


- 1 CP, 1 Web Grenade.

- Shard, Single shot hobbler.

- 1 CP, Single shot hobbler

- Stamina Pack, 5 CP

- Shard, 5 CP


-P5 Emma, P5 Collossus, Tactician Agent Paiva: Faulteater, Gold Tyrant (+18, 1021)

-P5 Emma, Avenger Bruiser CAP, Scrapper Agent Arnison (+13, 1034)

-P5 Emma, P5 Collossus, Scrapper Agent Andrew: Signpost, Quantum Jumper, Gold Tyrant, Dark Sigil (+20, 1054)

Collossus getting Guardian Force a ton prolonged this fight a bit.

-P5 Emma, Quicksilver, Infiltrator Agent Orange: Pinion, Digital Decoy (+15, 1069)

While Quicksilver is annoying against Invisible Woman(Infiltrator), FF IW's fourth shield cancels out all the tag teams, so it's just a free Combo Setup. ? Digital Decoy is annoying since it prevents me from taking advantage of the class bonus against Emma (I opt to hit all using Force Volley instead of hitting nothing and getting the bonus).

-P5 Emma, Mockingbird, G Agent Cafeacto: Gold Tyrant, Soulfinder, MFG, Dark Sigil (+15, 1084)

Mockingbird is a true hassle, but depending on her turn and whether she ops to attack Emma or IW, the ease with which she can be dealt with changes greatly. IW is weaker (Scrapper Mockingbird is a true menace) so if that happens, it is truly difficult to deal with Mockingbird. ? Fortunately, she chose Emma and all was well. ? MFG stops Phoenix Flame, Force Spheres/Volley and War Diamond so it is annoying. ? More annoying is that Emma's Diamond Body also applies to the MFG's strength and really tough to crack. ? Mental Trauma and Faulteater goes through this but it's not fun to have your attacks limited. ? If the agent equipped weapons that suited this team better, this would be difficult to deal with (Quantum Jumper and Coulson's Revenge instead of Tyrant/Soulfinder would make the above combination truly annoying).

-P5 Emma, P5 Collossus, G Agent Christian: MFG, Dark Sigil, Quantum Jumper, Signpost (+14, 1098)

This is a typical setup I face that is probably designed to outlast. ? Except the AI doesn't really do a good job of staggering MFG acceleration and the QJ. ? Still, it could get quite tricky if the Agent had a big gun. ? Unfortunately Emma and Collossus aren't really heavy dealers (Collossus especially doesn't have anything that ignores IW's shield) so the Agent's weapon is truly important here. ? Dark Sigil and Signpost doesn't cut it.

+ 24 while AFK, 1122

-P5 Emma, P5 Collossus, PVP Infiltrator Agent Smith: Coulson's Revenge, Golden Tyrant, (+19, 1141)

While the Infiltrator Armor scared me a bit, only the War Diamond is melee so really doesn't do much (not going to WD an infiltrator with my Tac Emma). ? If it was Mockingbird instead of Collossus, this could've been a lost fight. With Collossus, it usually ends up being a matter of time and, of course, luck.

- P5 Emma, P5 Collossus, G Agent Loo: Coulson's Revenge, Quantum Jumper, (+17, 1157)

Sometimes scores get adjusted after a battle. ? The previous fight was originally +20, but for some reason it went down to +19 after this battle.?

- Ghost Rider, Tac WW2 Captain America, Scrapper Agent: Coulson's Revenge, MFG, Signpost, Only for killing (+12, 1169)

Again, score adjustmet, -1. ? 74th battle and also put me at 2.8%, which won't last, of course.
Not only was this refreshing, but it was very close as well. Two scrappers against IW really doesn't make it a good fight for me, and she was killed right off the bat by Ghost Rider and the Agent. Soulfire from the lvl 6 GR attack gets rid of so many things that it's annoying. ? One reason to consider GR, I guess. ? Thankfully the MFG wasn't really enough against AR-SS-Phoenix Flame and Captain America went away relatively quickly with a well-placed Mental Anguish. ? Emma died right after IW from the leftover Scrapper bonus and Penance Stare. ? The Stare really is quite scary, and makes me wonder if I can incorporate GR somehow.

-21, AFK. ? Lost a battle while AFK

-P5 Emma, Ghost Rider, G Agent Szaflik: Quantum Jumper, Signpost, Soulfinder (+17, 1165)

Again, GR poses a problem against my IW. ? I'll have to consider changing her class, but with so many P5 Emma's, there is greater benefit than harm with her being an infiltrator. ?

-P5 Emma (Inf), WW2 Captain (T), G Agent Popobime: Laser Spotter, Quantum Jumper, Golden Screaming Eagle (+13, 1177)

-1 Adjustment again. Interesting, especially with Infiltrator Emma, but not enough to be a threat.

-Beast, P5 Collossus(Scrapper), G Agent: Soulfinder, Coulson's Revenge, Focal Plasma Cannon, Chrono Overdrive (+20, 1197)

Grapes of Wrath and Guardian Force at the same time when it grants regeneration is truly annoying. ? War and Peace also removes Mental Anguish. ? Somewhat tiresome but again, other than the Focal Plasma Cannon, nothing really to worry about. ? Chrono Overdrive-FCP with FCP hitting twice will charge it up real quick. ? Still, I would probably have equipped MFG for extra turns if I were to use the FCP. ? -1 Adjustment.

- Tac Strange(alt), Tac WW2 Captain, Scrap Agent: Pinion, Signpost (+17, 1214)

Strange's Lights of Seraphim works like P5 in that it can go off even after Strange is taken out. ? His mystic charge does not seem to work before he makes a move, although that I'll have to check later. ? Still, a team with no protection against debuffs makes it an easy kill, with Mental Anguish and Faulteater doing enough damage before the AR-SS-Phoenix flame.

-24, 1190, AFK (3 losses, 1 win)

- P5 Emma, Avenger Captain (T), G Agent: CRevenge, Curative Reach, Quantum Jumper, Fault Eater (+21,1211)

Stupid AI made this fight too easy for me. ? Quantum Jumper when the agent was the only one standing, and Emma Psychic Tapping my agent who was in cooldown after using the Phoenix Flame.

- WW2 Cap(T), Alt Storm(T), PVP Inf. Agent Dimitris: GTBlade, Signpost (+12, 1222)

Adjustment again. Won't mention it now. ? Two tacticians make it easy for IW, and no shields make it easy for my agent. ? Protective Shroud does not work against area attacks, so PFlame, FVolley and MTrauma simply ignored it. ? While new Storm is definitely interesting, currently it does not do much. ? Maybe with the Mechanical Mjolnir...

- P5 Emma, P5 Collossus (S), G Agent Warhammer: MFG, Signpost, GTBlade, Sudden Support (+20, 1242)

Ok, it was pretty dumb of me to go on ahead with the AR-SS-PFlame when 2/3 opponents had Guardian Force and all of them had MFG cast on them, and I had Mental Anguish on me. ? Almost cost me.

- Quicksilver, WW2 Cap(T), T Agent Myrus: OFKilling, Signpost, MFG, SSupport (+21, 1261)

Quicksilver is a hassle, but only graphically. ? The least scariest scrapper by far, though the first Vortex stunned Emma. ? OFK and Signpost were the only true threats as everything else was pretty much stopped by IW's shields, esp. with the agent also being a tactician.

- P5 Emma, P5 Collossus(S), Scrapper Agent Big Mokong: PFlame, ? Pinion, Sudden Support (+19, 1280)

3 Cosmic Powers in a row to start the fight really sucked. Thankfully no guardian forces on top of it, so it worked out for me. ? My luck had me get CPower on my agent when he was to use the PFlame, and the AI's bad decision to use SS-Pinion instead of SS-PFlame.

- Scarlet Witch, Alt Strange (T), G Agent Tolol: Signpost, Fury (-13, 1267)

Strange opens up with quick action Vapor and Bolts my agent to death in the first turn. ? Didn't know he could do that. ? Enemy agent goes next with Quantum Jumper, and Witch Chaos Shields Strange. Strange withstands a counter attack volley using light of seraphim and Agent kills off my woman with her Fury. ? I kill of SW with MAnguish, but strange teresing and seraphims himself, after which the agent uses digital decoy. ? First loss, and I'm still not sure how Strange used both Vapor and Bolt on the FIRST turn, not to mention the agent using the Quantum jumper in the first turn. ? Really iffy.

-12, AFK Loss

- P5 Emma, Alt Strange (B), G Agent Peerasorn: Quantum Jumper, Dark Sigil, (+19, 1274)

Nothing much of note other than that Emma going first when there's an opposing blaster is a real treat.

- P5 Emma, P5 Collossus, PVP Inf. Agent Raiden: Digital Decoy, Arc Reactor, PFlame, (+20, 1294)

Never equip your hero with SS or AR if you are going to give him DD or MFG. ? AI wastes it. ? Then again it's not so smart to use AR/PF when you have Emma, since she wastes UP on you while you are cooling down.

- Mocking Bird, Alt Strange (T), G Agent Greg H Rip: CRevenge, DSigil, Cosmic Flame, Chain Tonfa (+15, 1309)

Almost lost this one as well. ? Strange is just super powerful with bane not being removed by UP or Cosmic Power. Teresing Boost also just gives a ton; I may consider purchasing T Strange and replace IW with him.

- P5 Emma, Quicksilver, PVP Inf. Agent Alfiedrak: Pinion, GTBlade (+15, 1324)

Tough matchup due to PVP bonus differences. ? 5K in armory, 200~500 per category. ?

- P5 Emma, Ghost Rider, PVP Inf. Agent Hardcheese: Blade of the Guardian, Fury, (+20, 1344)

Again, a huge PVP bonus difference and GR opening with lvl 9 attack to do 2k damage each, getting scrapper bonus and annihilating IW didn't help. Got really lucky with Cosmic Power that helped remove soul fire and sin just in time. ? Lucky win.

- P5 Emma, Magik, T Agent Elberto: Signpost, QJ, (+10, 1354)

Easy fight as seen by the +10.

- P5 Emma, GRider, G Agent Juma: GTBlade, Signpost, (+15, 1369)

- P5 Emma, Alt Strange(T), Scrapper Agent Cauley: Pinion, MFG, Dark Sigil, (-15, 1353)

Strange is a bit too much. Vapor/Bolt on the first turn is devastating.

- P5 Emma, Alt Strange(B), PVP Inf. Agent Azazel: Sinister Sceptre, Spider Sense Injector (+20, 1373)

- WW2 Cap (T), GRider, PVP Inf. Agent Jabe: OFK, CRevenge, Blade of the Guardian, Spider Sense Injector (+16, 1388)

Very easy if GR doesn't hit IW.

- Quicksilver, Alt Kitty(S), G Agent Ladykiller: Rook, QJ, GSEagle, PofFour (+15, 1403)

Rook gets stopped by Fourth Field. ? Kitty's Sneak Attack is deadly.

- P5 Emma, GR, G Agent Jack Bauer: MFG, Dark Sigil, QJ, (-17, 1385)

Ghost Rider rocked my world. ? Maybe I should re-think having an infiltrator if this keeps up.

- P5 Emma, GR, Bruiser Agent Ceccarelli: CRevenge, Pinion, AReactor, (+10, 1405)

Was close, but Agent AR-CR'd IW who was already almost dead. ?

- P5 Emma(I), Modern Colossus, PVP Inf Agent Victorystone: PofFour, QJ, Pinion, MFG, (+19, 1423)

This guy had 24 ankle biters in his Armory. ? Amazing. ? And had all of his Tactician heroes other than WMachine, Mr. Fantastic and BPanther turned to Infiltrators and Blasters. ? Yikes.

-17 AFK loss, 1407

- P5 Emma(I), Modern Colossus, S Agent Kadamany: PFlame, Doombringer, AReactor, (+20, 1427)

I can see how this would wreak havoc. Doombringer cannot be removed using UP/CPower. ?

- WW2 Cap, MM Thor (B), G Agent Daniels: CRevenge, Signpost, QJ, Fury (+19, 1447)

Wow. Probably the most interesting combination to date. ? Lead buff followed by lightning with two thunder charges can seriously level the field. ? If it is led by a shield throw, it could get ugly quick, real quick. ? Signpost could be used to pick up the pieces, as will Avengers Assemble. ? Ouch. ? Luckily I survived the Lightning and that was that.


- P5 Emma(I), Alt Strange(T), G Agent William: MFG, Signpost, Faulteater, (+14, 1460)

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