Ran into a rough batch of work/social life, so very low play this PVP season. Goal here is to get gold; too much work involved getting the suit or Psylocke - although I would love to have both. Not the scroll too much, but it would be a nice way of easing Emma out of my PVP lineup.

Have reached Level 9 with Tigra, 7 with Valk and 5 with Deadpool. While I'm still not able to form a full opinion on either Valk or Deadpool (Valk's static charge seems buggy; then again everyone's is except storm).

Tigra, however, will be very interesting if paired with the right PVP complement. Opening with the LVL 9 seems default followed with either LVL 2 or LVL 6. I tend to save 2 for at least one more stack as it has a cooldown, but it works. Too bad that the feral attack does not work with LVL 2, or else it'd be far more effective.

Valk thus far has been okay except that I have yet to encounter Geirr dealing more damage than Dragonfang, unless HPs are at really, really low levels.

Deadpool so far has been a disappointment, but will have to see how lvl 6 changes things.

Beast has been a good pair for Tigra since he can get rid of tanking. Will see if I can get him to work somehow...

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