I have changed my PVP team for this season since I didn't care much about the result (gold was/is my goal).

Agent: 8 new isos, generalist trench, signpost, techno-organic fist, rocket pistol, quantum jumper.

The general idea is to have equipment that could be used in more than one way.

  • QJ: primary use is to have my heroes get more turns and deal more damage. secondary use is rearranging their turns so that I can end my turn with Beast giving others Combat Expertise, for example. Final use is to wear out mental anguish.
  • TO fist: primary use is to prevent poison and bleeding, especially poison from signpost as it reduces my agent's attack. secondary use is to knock out Emma if she's the last one standing, since TO can follow up to break her diamond skin. Final use is to setup Emma's War Diamond and Beast's Jungle, both of which are unarmed melee. If it worked as advertised, it would have helped resist psychic damage, but that's not working.
  • Signpost: primary use is to deal damage to all targets regardless of shield/protect/phased status. Secondary use, of course, is to heal. Since it doesn't trigger mental anguish, it's safe to use under most circumstances. Only two uses for this one, but both are pretty good and the only drawback it had was fixed with TO .
  • Rocket pistol: primary use is to deal damage and to debuff, especially bleeding. It doesn't work against Colossus as much since he's immune to both debuffs. Secondary, a minor use is to deal with Hoarfrost Mace. If it kills off the enemy agent with the main damage, the splash damage will get rid of the undying hero. Anyway, better than Dark Sigil since it doesn't cause all targets to counter attack and it has bleeding which stacks and is a nice way of dealing with opposing Quantum jumpers.
  • Mostly, it's just Signpost-Quantum Jumper, Signpost-Rocket Pistol and repeat. Rarely will I use the TO for actual combat since RP always seems to do more damage.

P5 Emma, tactician.

Can't really do much without her. Was lazy and just equipped her with 8 new iso's as well. Not much to say about her which I didn't cover before


Now he's a surprise find for me. He solves Captain America, Mockingbird, Emma Frost and to some degree, Valkyrie.

  • The Jungle is stealthy, and generalizes. It's a debuff that prevents class benefits and can't be removed via Cosmic Power or Unlock Potential. What it does, in essence, is neutralize Mockingbird. One generalization and she's lost her biggest strength. MB is still powerful with her Paragon Exploiter, but she is so much easier to deal with when she doesn't devour your classed heroes.
  • War and Peace is useless against psychic attacks, which makes it pretty useless in general... except it does wonders against characters with no defensive skills, and its uselessenss guarantees that you'll be able to use it if Beast gets Mental Anguished. Now the other hidden benefit is that Beast will self-buff himself using the Call of the Wild, which is actually quite significant. If you target the right opponent, Beast will hit back with a buffed up Jungle. 
  • Grapes of Wrath are nice since it gives combat expertise all across the board (can be very fun with Catch-22 after the opponent area-attacks). Not only that, it randomly gives buffs AND it certainly grants Beast Call of the wild. Again it can also be used against Mental Anguish. 
  • A Farewell to arms is the skill that not only gets rid of protective skills but also counters. Unfortunately it does not prevent the Transcranial Stimulator from counter-attacking, so beware. But it beats Captain and Colossus silly, as well as Valkyrie, especially with a couple Wild buffs.
  • So all in all, the Beast can be used to deal with the most troublesome PVP characters in the game, except for Ghost Rider who can seriously screw Beast up with his mixup of Soulfire and Stare. Other than that though, the Beast is worth a look especially against Mockingbirds.

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