9.6 features Mindless Ones.

They are:

  1. Immune to psychic and fear attacks
  2. Absorb the class of the first attacker (except generalist)
  3. Hit with Abysmal Stare which hits for nearly 1/2 of your HP per turn (removed with bleeding/poison/burn)
  4. Hit with Unseeing Gaze(blind), which basically forces a miss.

Blind is somewhat broken in that it always makes you miss, so I'm using Dare Devil for guaranteed hits; or use Magik whose stepping disc hits 100%. Blind also is removed with quick action (it gobbles up a turn, it seems) so if your Hero has an Arc Reactor or anything of that sort, blind does little to him.

The easiest way to get through them is to abuse the fact that they take the class of the first attacker by hitting them with an AOE and getting rid of them using a dealer of their predatory class who, preferably has a non-attacking move that can be used in case the hero of the predatory class goes first.

  1. Using Captain America's Shield Throw to set them up as Tacticians, then cleaning them up with Infiltrators (Spiderman, Invisible Woman, Gambit, Nightcrawler etc.)
  2. Using Magik's Bane then cleaning them up with Bruisers
  3. Using Hulk's Clap/Throw then cleaning them up with a blaster
  4. Using Iron Man's Missiles, then cleaning them up with Tacticians
  5. and lastly using Invisible Woman's volley then cleaning them up with Scrappers.

Of course it is also feasible to do so using combinations that do not get jeopardized by them taking on the class of your attacker. This works better if you have them with complementing skills but can't find one with the type of combination above.

  1. Tactician/Scrapper, Tactician/Bruiser, Tactician/Tactician
  2. Scrapper/Blaster, Scrapper/Scrapper
  3. Blaster/Infiltrator, Blaster/Blaster
  4. Infiltrator/Bruiser, Infiltrator/Infiltrator
  5. Bruiser/Bruiser

The Boss is rather tricky since he takes on any class at will, and you are forced to use Dr. Strange. My Dr. Strange is a wimp, so it is difficult for me to keep him alive and I find him doing buffs/heals rather than dealing. So I don't usually pair him up with a Bruiser unless it's Colossus since Colossus can heal. I find him a lot easier to deal with when paired up with a hard-hitting blaster (Torch) and find him most difficult to deal with with Heroes that don't deal much damage or are psychic based.

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