• Agni77

    Spec Op 8 is pretty much done for me except for the lockboxes and the boss drops.

    Although I have managed to get Vision, none of the other drops were granted this time, so I will plow until I run out of time. That Ultron touch was really nice, love that they're trying new ideas.

    Omega lockboxes have been extremely unfriendly, and have had 6 duplicates thus far with only 6 covers. Since I don't think the lockboxes expire, I won't be putting as much gold as I did in order to get Magneto, but it seems that once time is up, there is no way to get them without spending gold, so it seems all the same.

    First impression on Vision and X-23 are okay, but as I have other heroes training, it will take a while until I can get them to level up. Once Black …

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  • Agni77

    Playdom pulled a nasty one on me and nerfed half my armory, which were widow's kisses, capacitive impeders, defribillators and what not.

    They were nerfed from over 2k PVP bonus to barely 1k or around 900, making them worse than the Mechanical Mjolnirs, Dark Sigils, Balthak Rings and Destroyer Power Relics.  Since those are around 1.2~1.4k each and better than the mead horns I had standing by, I've lost around 10k in Attack and Defense each.

    Considering that I not only worked hard to get the nerfed items but also the items i've replaced with the nerfed items, this was a very discouraging blow. Oh well. 

    Finished 5 Starring all of Spec Op 7, got both Hank and the Black Knight (and Punisher), so I'm only missing X-23 and Fantomex.

    I have given up…

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  • Agni77

    Spec Op 7

    March 9, 2013 by Agni77

    This is shaping up to be the easiest of the Special Operations for me, for a couple of reasons:

    1. I have all the heroes (been the case since Spec Op 5, but hey)
    2. I have Magneto (opening up with Graviton Well since almost all opponents are magnetized is nothing to scoff at, not to mention the pre-emptive strikes and the relative derth of infiltrators, especially in mission 2)
    3. They give you UISO's from friends from the get-go; they will be less of a problem this go-around.

    Other tidbits:

    Since I won't be short of UISOs unless I aim to get 5 stars in all three, I will be treating the Spec Ops just like regular missions. As only mission 3 has an Epic boss, I don't think 5 stars will be a problem even so. This means that I'll be using it to level my he…

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  • Agni77

    After getting Havok and Wasp to 10 and CGB to 7...

    1. Havok/GB, if you get lucky, is quite fun.
    2. Havok's Plasma Spheres can inflict Weaken/Dizzy/Slow/Exposed... all of which are required for GB's curse to go off. In essence, first turn catastrphic can channel into lots of stamina saving moves for GB.
    3. Havok/Wasp, if you get lucky, is also quite fun.
    4. Wasp's opportunist triggers on Dizzy, something that Havok can inflict, but the real fun is with Staggered, something Wasp can inflict and makes up for Havok's low accuracy.
    5. Which, by the way, makes Magneto also a nice combo with Havok since his magnetism will prevent dodges.
    6. But the true beast of this season is Psylocke/GB
    7. First off, GB is godly when the opponent has a scrapper. So there goes the class di…
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  • Agni77

    Finished the Spec. Op with 7/8 covers, so figured I'd make a run at Magneto... didn't know that it would cost me 70 gold, though I feared that something like that might happen.

    Anyway, Britain's at lvl 4, and Magneto is still waiting for Psylocke to get to 11.

    But it's not soon enough to make a decision on Britain. That dude is seriously, way, overpowered.

    Built-in additional turn, bunch of debuffs, flying, and with all the new gimmicks...

    1. Might is Right - Weaken, Dizzy 
    2. Save the Queen - Exploit flying, Exposed
    3. Smashing - Ground, slow, stun
    4. Britain - Crits, Paragon exploiter (chilled, bleeding, burning, combo setup, dizzy, exposed, poison, slow, stun)
    5. Passive - Flying, Roar of Avalon (increase stacks, chance to reduce damage, 3 stack), chance to get …
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