Beast Dialogue 1
"But just disease to luxury succeeds, and ev'ry death its own avenger breeds."
"The luxury of Isotope-8 has its drawbacks, Agent. Let us work together to overcome them."
- Beast

Black Cat Dialogue 1
" I'm not much of a joiner, Agent. But I'll do what's needed. "
- Black Cat

Black Knight Dialogue 1
" You have my sword, Agent. "
"... Come on, you knew I was going to say it."
- Black Knight

Black Panther Dialogue 1
" Wakanda has no need of S.H.I.E.L.D., but S.H.I.E.L.D. has need of Wakanda. "
" As long as our goals align, I will fight by your side. "
- Black Panther

Cable Dialogue 1
" So you want my help with this Iso-8 business? "
" Hell, it's about time."

- Cable

Captain America Dialogue 1
" Glad to be on board, Agent. "
- Captain America

Captain Britain Dialogue 1
" "Iso-8 is a crisis that knows no country or border." "
" "Great Britain stands with S.H.I.E.L.D., Agent." "
- Captain Britain

Constrictor Dialogue 1
" Alright, Agent, let's get this show on the road. "
" ...Oh, and tell Hercules to stop giving me the stink-eye, will ya? "
- Constrictor

Colossus Dialogue 1
" Sometimes I am criticized for being too reluctant to fight. "
" Now will not be one of those times. "
- Colossus

Cyclops Dialogue 1
" The X-Men are with you, Agent. "
" Iso-8 in the wrong hands is a menace to everyone. "
- Cyclops

Daredevil Dialogue 1
" My first responsibility is to the people in my neighborhood, Agent. "
" But if you need me, I'll be there. "
- Daredevil

Deadpool Dialogue 1
" What a bargain right? I mean way better than Wolverine! That guy's a waste of 90CP. "
" Who needs claws when you have pouches?! "
- Deadpool

Dr. Strange Dialogue 1
" Our enemies are many. We must be strong in our alliance. "
" I will contribute what knowledge I can. "
- Dr. Strange

Emma Frost Dialogue 1
" I know what you are thinking, Agent... "
" Remember that, and we can work together. "
- Emma Frost

Fantomex Dialogue 1
" A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Agent. I'd like you to know I will always be fully truthful with you. "
" That last sentence being the exception. "
- Fantomex

Gambit Dialogue 1
" I hope I'm not too late to the party, mon ami. I'm always up for a good fight.. "
" Consider me your Ace in the hole. "
- Gambit

Ghost Rider Dialogue 1
" Mephisto doesn't own me any more. You helped remind him of that. "
" Looks like you and me'll be riding together awhile. "
- Ghost Rider

Hank Pym Dialogue 1
" I know I'm not the easiest man to work with, Agent. But I also know I have a lot to contribute to your cause. "
" If you want me on board, I'm yours. "
- Hank Pym

Havok Dialogue 1
" Looks like I owe you one, Agent. I was getting tired of the Hellfire Club anyway. "
" Just don't expect me to bunk with Scott. "
- Havok

Hawkeye Dialogue 1
" Thanks for the invite. Looks like a fun party. "
" Wasn't planning to. Ready when you are, Agent. "
- Hawkeye

Hercules Dialogue 1
" You are wise indeed to seek the aid of the mighty Hercules! "
" Come, let us share the Gift of Battle with these miscreants! "
- Hercules

Hulk Dialogue 1
" You don't want Hulk for brains, do you? "
" That's all right. Hulk doesn't want you for brains, either. "
- Hulk

Human Torch Dialogue 1
" About time I got in on this action. "
" Let's giddy up! "
- Human Torch

Invisible Woman Dialogue 1
" You can count on the Fantastic Four whenever you need to call us in. "
- Invisible Woman

Iron Fist Dialogue 1
" You are doing excellent work, Agent. I'm proud to be part of it. "
- Iron Fist

Juggernaut Dialogue 1
" Here's how this works: you point, I crush. "
" Make sure nothin' you give a &$%# about is in the way. "
- Juggernaut

Kitty Pryde Dialogue 1
" If we're going after Magneto, I'm all yours. "
" And if we're not, I'll still pitch in when you need me. "
- Kitty Pryde

Luke Cage Dialogue 1
" I spent my life sweeping trash off the streets of this city. "
" Iso-8 just means we got a different kind of trash. Let's get to it. "
- Luke Cage

Magik Dialogue 1
" I'll go to hell and back for you, Agent. "
" It's easy. "
- Magik

Magneto Dialogue 1
" Let us be clear, Agent. I will work with you so long as our goals coincide. "
" After that... we shall see. "
- Magneto

Mr. Fantastic Dialogue 1
" Whatever our enemies think they're doing with Iso-8, we'll do them one better. "
- Mr. Fantastic

Ms. Marvel Dialogue 1
" Make you a deal. You let me fly the Helicarrier, I'm in. "
" Kidding. Glad to help any way I can. "
- Ms. Marvel

Mockingbird Dialogue 1
" I was once an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., just like you. It feels good to be back. "
- Mockingbird

Nightcrawler Dialogue 1
" It's going to take everything we've got to meet this threat. But as the Germans say: "
" Ende gut, alles gut. "
- Nightcrawler

Omega Sentinel Dialogue 1
" I remember now. I remember being with my family, being... human. "
" I'll never get back what they took from me, Agent, but perhaps now I can find a new path. Thank you. "
- Omega Sentinel

Phoenix Dialogue 1
" We have to stop the spread of Iso-8. "
" If you can do that, I'm on board. "
- Phoenix

Psylocke Dialogue 1
" Don't mind that tingle in the back of your mind, Agent. "
" That's just me watching your back. "
- Psylocke

Punisher Dialogue 1
" You keep S.H.I.E.L.D. out of my way, Agent, and I'll keep putting bullets in every scumbag that thinks Iso-8 is their newest toy. "
" Everybody wins "
- Punisher

Quicksilver Dialogue 1
" If my father is collecting Iso-8, we need to collect it faster."
" Fortunately, "faster" is my specialty. "
- Quicksilver

Red Hulk Dialogue 1
" I hope you're ready to do what's necessary to win this fight, soldier. "
" But if you're not... I am. "
- Red Hulk

Rescue Dialogue 1
" Agent, I think you already know what I will and won't do for S.H.I.E.L.D. "
" So long as you understand that, we can work together. "
- Rescue

Rogue Dialogue 1
" Power you can't control ain't real power, it's a curse. You can't control this Iso stuff, Sugah. "
" I'll help, but don't expect me to hold yer hand. "
- Rogue

Scarlet Witch Dialogue 1
" This Isotope-8 is fascinating, isn't it? I can feel its power resonating with my own. "
" I will join you, Agent, and we can discover its mysteries together. "
- Scarlet Witch

Sif Dialogue 1
" Asgard wishes it to be known that they support SHIELD. "
" I will represent the Rainbow Bridge and all the Aesir in this war. "
- Sif

Shatterstar Dialogue 1
" I've heard you have a problem with your enemies and Iso-8, Agent. "
"You'll be happy to know I'm carrying the solution right here."
- Shatterstar

She-Hulk Dialogue 1
" There's nothing I'd rather do than fight this battle, Agent. Glad you asked. "
- She-Hulk

Spider-Man Dialogue 1
" Hey, I was hoping I wouldn't be the last one asked to dance. "
" Point me at the bad guys and let's go! "
- Spider-Man

Spider-Woman Dialogue 1
" SHIELD and I haven't always seen eye to eye, Agent. "
" If ever there was a time to mend fences, though, this is it. I'm in. "
- Spider-Woman

Storm Dialogue 1
" Time is not on our side, Agent. We must act before our enemies control Iso-8. "
" Count on me.
- Storm

Thing Dialogue 1
" Hey, I been waitin' to get invited to this dance. "
" It's clobberin' time!
- Thing

Thor Dialogue 1
" My task is to protect Midgard and its people. "
" I look forward to fighting with you, Agent. "
- Thor

Tigra Dialogue 1
" Pretty sure I've got at least three or four lives left in me, Agent. "
" I can spare one for a good cause. "
- Tigra

Thundra Dialogue 1
" Come, Agent! Let us declare our allegiance in the sight of our enemies. "
" Let us see them cower before the might of Thundra! "
- Thundra

Union Jack Dialogue 1
" Cap's on your side, you must be doing something right, Agent. "
" Count me in."
- Union Jack

Valkyrie Dialogue 1
" Though it has always been my duty to carry the dead, it has never been my pleasure. "
" Agent, I pledge to help you defend this realm."
- Valkyrie

Vision Dialogue 1
" Ultron gave me many powers, but the Avengers have given me the ability to choose how I use them. "
" I choose to stand with you, Agent."
- Vision

War Machine Dialogue 1
" Seems like the armed forces of the USA ought to have a role in all this. "
" War Machine stands ready, willing, and able. "
- War Machine

Wasp Dialogue 1
" You may not always see me, but I'll always be there, Agent. Count on it. "
- Wasp

Wolverine Dialogue 1
" If the world hasn't ended already, I'll pitch in to keep it spinning a little longer. "
- Wolverine

Wonder Man Dialogue 1
" You've got a lot of talented people here, Agent. I'm not sure how much I can bring to the table... "
" But if you want me, I'm in... "
- Wonder Man

X-23 Dialogue 1
" ... Logan said you could use some help. "
" If he trusts you, so do I. "
- X-23

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