I love MARVEL and this game so much, this is the only game I played. . .

In real life, I been busy working for 12 hours everyday, after that, I rushed myself to go home just to play this game and do an updates in this wiki. ..

but sometimes, I hate this game because:

  • My friends are now quitting the game, some are quitted and some are not pursuing to play this game everyday just like they did before, they switch to play other games now. (I'm losing now some gifts from real friends, they are quitted)
  • Two weeks farming Command Points at Chapter 9:Challenge mode, I got only 19 in Boss Rewards.
  • Two weeks battling at Chapter 9:Challenge mode, as of now, No Excelsior Gear reward gotten.
  • As of now, Game crashes my browser at the middle of the battles. (losing some of Unstable Iso-8 and Energy.)
  • Nerfed characters, gears, abilities are always in every updates.
  • Some of Free stuffs links are now only within 24 hours to claim.
  • Limited Edition gear like Coulson's Revenge are giving only for limited countries. (How about the MAA Players countries outside US and UK?).
  • Some of M:AA Facebook groups admins/members and Playdom Forum registered members are not also updating site about the games, maybe they also rush their selves, to play this game everyday, just to level-up their heroes, cp farming etc. They just PLAY.
  • Bugs and Technical Issues are everywhere in this game.
  • I don't have 8+ hours sleep, because of this game.

I'm a Non-Gold player, I will never spend my money for this limited characters, gears, supplies, because in near future they will nerfed it urgently!. .

I will continue to play this game, but not for PVP thing. .

Saving my real Energy and Time for REAL LIFE and for this Wiki and not now for the Game. . .

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