Heroes are the most important part of MAA, but with over a hundred heroes, it can be tough for new players to know who they should get. This blog will try to help new players make their descions. Heroes are listed in descending order of how you should get them.

Before we continue, Spec Ops Deploys are always more important than any of the heroes in this blog. GET THE DEPLOYS BEFORE THE HEROS HERE

All the 15 CP Heroes For those who don't know, (I highly doubt that you don't know) the 15CP heroes are Cyclops, Iron Fist, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk. As for why they are essential, all of them are cheap and rather good heroes.

Cyclops Dialogue 1

Cyclops is a good tactican who can deal decent damage and his Lvl 6 works really well with most heroes. Plus, Flanked and Disadvantage are nice too.

Iron Fist is an all around great character with great damage and healing. Plus, Combo Breaker is really good in pvp. Iron Fist is the best out of all the 15 CP. He is the 15CP hero you should probably get second.

Invisible Woman is a good inflitrator with decent skills. Her lvl 1 has decent damage and her lvl 2 is an excellent defensive option, but she really shines with her lvl 9. Her lvl 9 can be used to annoy people in Pvp, but it is really good for tasks where you have to use a hero's abillities a couple of times (ex. Use Iron Man's Unibeam 3 times).

Ms. Marvel is the weakest of the 15 CP heroes, but she is still good. She can deal a ton of damage with her lvl 1. She is probably the last 15 CP hero you need.

She-Hulk is a good hero for low levels because she is a strong damage dealer, who works well with others. Her lvl 1 helps Iron Fist's level 2 and Black Widow's lvl 1, along with dealing good damage. Rebuttal provides good debuffs and her lvl 6 has high damage. I personally feel she should be your free hero (aka: your first 15 CP hero) because the next two Season 1 missions (1.1.5 and 1.2.1) feature a lot of scrapper minions.


Storm Dialogue 2

After the 15 CP Heroes, the next hero you should get is Storm. Why? Storm is the epic boss deploy for 1.4.4, the second best CP farming mission. You don't really need to use her, just have her for the deploy.

After you get these five, you can get heroes at your own pace. Just make sure to get the rest of heroes in the blog by the time you get to hero 30.

War Machine

Iron Patriot Armor Dialogue

War Machine is a strong tactican with high damage potential and is awesome with his Iron Patriot alt. However, the main reason to get him is for his premimum mission. This mission has the Power of 4 one of the best gear to get from farming. War Machine being a good hero is just a plus.

Dr. Strange

Dr. Strange Dialogue 1

Dr. Strange has high damage, an aoe healing, a shield (Which gives phase with his aiso), and he recharges his own stamina. He is even better with his alt and his eios. However, also like War Machine, the main reason to get him is for his prememum mission. It has the Dark Sigil, another great think piece of gear.


The Amazing Spider-Man

When you look at Spiderman in the store, he looks horrible, however base Spidey with his eios and aio is really strong. However, the main draw for Spidey is he is the deploy for the 1.3.5 epic boss. This Epic Boss drops the Doombringer, another great weapon.


Quicksilver Dialogue 2 Right

Just like Spidey, Quicksilver in the store looks like crap. However, Quicksilver is one of the best heroes in the game. Since Quicksilver's release, he has been a pvp staple. Quicksilver is the only hero to have been in pvp so long. He works really well with a lot of people and if isoed right, he is really strong. The people he work best with though are expensive, so waiting to get Quicksilver until after you have unlocked 1.12.2.

Kitty Pryde/Captain America/Union Jack

WWII Captain America Portrait Art

All three heroes are good and are useful/needed for 1.12.2, the best CP farming mission. Kitty is required for the epic deploy, Cap is the team up, and Jack helps Cap complete the mission faster (especially if it is WII Cap). Union Jack isn't required, but helps. They should be the 28, 29, and 30th heroes you get.

That's it. Remeber, Get Spec Ops Deploys First. Thanks for reading

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