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    Heroes are the most important part of MAA, but with over a hundred heroes, it can be tough for new players to know who they should get. This blog will try to help new players make their descions. Heroes are listed in descending order of how you should get them.

    Before we continue, Spec Ops Deploys are always more important than any of the heroes in this blog. GET THE DEPLOYS BEFORE THE HEROS HERE

    All the 15 CP Heroes For those who don't know, (I highly doubt that you don't know) the 15CP heroes are Cyclops, Iron Fist, Invisible Woman, Ms. Marvel, and She-Hulk. As for why they are essential, all of them are cheap and rather good heroes.

    Cyclops is a good tactican who can deal decent damage and his Lvl 6 works really well with most heroes. Plus,…

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