These are just pure results from my grand lockbox opening, conclude what you will from them. Someone more fond of math and statistics are welcome to calculate percentages and whatnot, and use the data for whatever they wish.

I was saving these after I got Omega Sentinel in the hopes that I would be getting a custom prior Spec Ops weapon, and wanted to reach level 300 before I did so. I got there today, no weapons found though. 

Consumables (buyable) - 158

Rare consumables (deploys) - 44

T4 ISO-8 - 52

T3 ISO-8 - 5

3x Challenge Points - 4

Large Energy - 5

5 U-ISO 8 - 1

20 U-ISO 8 - 1

40 U-ISO 8 - 1

1 CP - 3

3 CP - 5

5 CP - 5

Covers - 24

Weapons: Svalinn Defender, Third Law Nullifier, A.R. "Spinner", Personal Combat Amplifier, B&F Icebrand, Mirror Field Generator, Energy Fist (2), Vibra Shotel (2), Bolt-Action 4 Bore (2), The Perforator (2), M616 Shotgun (2), Tenderizer Shotgun (2), Handheld ISO-8 Scanner (3). 

Total: - 21

High level Deploy weapons: Widow's Kiss, P.E.W. Dragon, P.E.W. Anchor, Neural Wave Disruptor (2), Teleological Suspender (2).

Total: - 7

Total amount of Lockboxes: - 336

Overall pretty disappointed, had expected slightly more CP and at least 1 rare weapon. Oh well.

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