• Agent Squat

    These are just pure results from my grand lockbox opening, conclude what you will from them. Someone more fond of math and statistics are welcome to calculate percentages and whatnot, and use the data for whatever they wish.

    I was saving these after I got Omega Sentinel in the hopes that I would be getting a custom prior Spec Ops weapon, and wanted to reach level 300 before I did so. I got there today, no weapons found though. 

    Consumables (buyable) - 158

    Rare consumables (deploys) - 44

    T4 ISO-8 - 52

    T3 ISO-8 - 5

    3x Challenge Points - 4

    Large Energy - 5

    5 U-ISO 8 - 1

    20 U-ISO 8 - 1

    40 U-ISO 8 - 1

    1 CP - 3

    3 CP - 5

    5 CP - 5

    Covers - 24

    Weapons: Svalinn Defender, Third Law Nullifier, A.R. "Spinner", Personal Combat Amplifier, B&F Icebrand, Mirror Field Generator, Ene…

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  • Agent Squat

    Here's a fun little game: calculating the amount of Command Points you've spent so far in the game. Just take out your calculator and add up your heroes and costumes from the list below. After you're done you have something new to put on your userpage :)

    Beast – 90

    Black Cat – 23, Claws Scrapper – 45, Claws Infil – 32

    Black Knight – 90

    Black Panther – 90

    Black Widow – 0, Grey Tact – 45, Grey Infil – 32, Avengers Tact – 35, Avengers Infil 28

    Cable – 135

    Captain America – 90, WWII Bruiser – 48, WWII Tact – 34, Avengers Bruiser – 48, Avengers Tact – 34

    Captain Britain – 90

    Colossus – 23, Modern Scrapper – 42, Modern Bruiser – 32, P5 Scrapper – 48, P5 Bruiser – 34

    Cyclops – 15, P5 Blaster – 56, P5 Tact – 42

    Daredevil – 48

    Deadpool – 135 (possibly 90/112)


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  • Agent Squat

    So, Quicksilver just got a new alt costume. It's blue and comes as a Scrapper and Generalist. His new passive is taking additional turns randomly. Seriously, how long did it take to make this? Color him blue and make a very simple passive - I'm thinking 5 minutes, maybe 10 if the guy doing it was eating at the same time. And they release this before the alts that were announced over 6 months ago (Daredevil, Iron Fist and Cyclops). I could also point out that Magneto didn't take much more creativity to make either; his L9 is an exact replica of Invisible Woman's Force Cage, with the exception of name, cooldown and stamina usage. His other moves are decent and synergetic enough, but I think most people would agree that they could have done m…

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  • Agent Squat obviously not very good. Certain people get information by accessing code that is already implemented in the game but not yet "released", and is as such deemed "hackers" or something similar. I was recently banned in the aforementioned forums for A: writing a post containing the phrase "BS", and 2: mentioning this website in a very subtle manner (exact quote: "a certain wikipedia-style website which contains info on MAA") within a short period of time. It was a very short ban, though, but still, I can't help but think that the moderators of this forum must be incredibly... 'dedicated' (you know what I mean, but I don't want to get banned here as well). I realize that Playdom is owned by Disney and that their forum must be kept family…

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