I decided to see how effective the Constructive Criticals ability from the Persisting Empowered Iso-8 actually was. 

Method Used

To do this I selected a hero that deals critical hits on almost every turn, Domino.  I kept track of how many times the ability proc'd (indicating a critical hit) and how many times the Radiation Exposure effect was applied from those procs.  A proc was ignored if the defending character hit was killed from the attack, as there was no way to note whether the effect was applied or not.

Data Collected

Single-target Attacks

Area Attacks

Follow-up Attacks



Analysis of Data Collected

Using simple math, we find that the chance to apply Radiation Exposure is %50 for player-initiated single-target attacks.  For all other forms of damage, the ability will not activate.


While the ability does activate %50 of the time, the fact that it only works for one form of damage severly narrows its usefulness to Blasters who primarily have single-target attacks.  This could be useful for assisting other Energy-based allies with increasing their damage amounts.  Also, the fact that the effect is only applied once no matter how many individual critical hits were traded for it is another drawback.

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