Agent - Bruiser

The Pawn (Quick Action Shield every turn and Defensive Experiment)

The Knight (Protect and Counter-Attack)

Warbringer Axe (Buff the team up during the enemies turns and deal damage)

Skullripper (AoE Weak Mind to enhance psychics on team)


Emma Frost - Phoenix Five Outfit


Agent: If the Agent goes before Psylocke, then Pawn and Skullripper.  If Agent goes after Psylocke then Warbringer the best target.

Emma: If the enemy team has Blasters, then Mental Anguish one first, then Mental Trauma the enemy team unless an Agent is protecting.  If they are, then Diamond Kick the Agent to stun.  If Emma goes after Psylocke, Unlock Potential on Psylocke then use Mental Anguish to bypass protectors and get allies to assist targeting a blaster first if possible.

Psylocke: Alternate between Mental Coordination and Psychic Knives in that order.  Use Psychic Knives to target soft targets behind protectors and shields so the team assists in the kills.


The chance that 1 member of the enemy team will be one of the following classes:

Tactician 83.75%
Scrapper 66.25%


Infiltrator 33.75%
Generalist 31.25%
Bruiser 22.50%

My team setup takes advantage of this by having Psylocke and Emma (Infiltrator and Tactician) with the Agent running Bruiser to counter the scrappers.  Most of the scrappers are Wolverine, so my protects against him increase my counter-attack damage.  Emma and Psylocke pair up (as mentioned in “Strategy”) to go behind the lines and kill the targets behind the Wolverines.

The following is a list of the enemy threats broken down by type excluding the agents.  Next season I will improve this to show the heros and agents specific abilities as well.



Bleed 18.35%
Psychic 12.03%
Protect 11.39%
Other 11.39%
Charging 8.86%
Counter 4.43%
Glass Cannon 4.43%

Dr. Strange is in the lead followed by Wolverine and then Captain America.  After that, it drops off pretty steep to a bunch of random heroes.  Emma, Phoenix, and Psylocke are making quite a few appearances keeping the Psychic thread at 3rd for now.

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