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  • I live in Cedar Falls, IA
  • I was born on December 19
  • I am Male
  • Agent Nemec

    I decided to see how effective the Constructive Criticals ability from the Persisting Empowered Iso-8 actually was. 

    To do this I selected a hero that deals critical hits on almost every turn, Domino.  I kept track of how many times the ability proc'd (indicating a critical hit) and how many times the Radiation Exposure effect was applied from those procs.  A proc was ignored if the defending character hit was killed from the attack, as there was no way to note whether the effect was applied or not.

    • The Constructive Criticals effect activated 50 times.
    • Radiation Exposure was applied 25 times.

    • The Constructive Criticals effect activated 0 times.

    • The Constructive Criticals effect activated 0 times.

    • The Constructive Criticals effect activated 0 tim…

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  • Agent Nemec

    Agent - Bruiser

    The Pawn (Quick Action Shield every turn and Defensive Experiment)

    The Knight (Protect and Counter-Attack)

    Warbringer Axe (Buff the team up during the enemies turns and deal damage)

    Skullripper (AoE Weak Mind to enhance psychics on team)


    Emma Frost - Phoenix Five Outfit

    Agent: If the Agent goes before Psylocke, then Pawn and Skullripper.  If Agent goes after Psylocke then Warbringer the best target.

    Emma: If the enemy team has Blasters, then Mental Anguish one first, then Mental Trauma the enemy team unless an Agent is protecting.  If they are, then Diamond Kick the Agent to stun.  If Emma goes after Psylocke, Unlock Potential on Psylocke then use Mental Anguish to bypass protectors and get allies to assist targeting a bla…

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  • Agent Nemec

    Finally decided to do stats on this PvP season.  Showing some interesting trends at this time.  For the record, I'm running Psylocke, Emma, and a protecting Bruiser Agent.  LOTS more detail on Monday.

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