March 28, 2013

Rating: 930 (top 15.6%) 

Using: Generalist Agent (lvl 73), Magneto (lvl 9), Future Foundation Invisible Woman (lvl 10). 

I've already done my battles today. I ended up having to do 6 battles, but all were wins, however one was a validation error. I remember having one fight that was pretty hard thanks to Hurcules, whom I'm thinking about getting even tho I'm not a fan of his. It isn't really him that I'm not a fan of, but I don't thing Gods or Demi-Gods should be in the super hero world. It doesn't make the playing field even. I really like using the mutants just because most were born with their powers. I really like using Deadpool, however, when I use him I get spanked in PvP so much that I just want to cry sometimes. Magneto is really fun to use, and now that he is lvl 9, I can even win on turn 1 now which is great. I'm trying to level up my Wolverine who is currently lvl 5 at the moment and is kicking ass in PvP. I refuse to get Captain Britian, I just refuse.  I haven't been running into as many combat validation errors sense I took Decade and Time to Think out of my weapon set. I added in the Offensive Accelerator and I like the results. My hero can now hit for over 1000 without having to crit and it is amazing. I'm thinking about specing my heroes and agent for Attack, Accuracy, and Defense. Attack and Accuracy will be the key elements here. In a standard 8 Iso slot cycle I'm thinking of doing this: 3 Attack Isos, 3 Accuracy Isos, and Defence Isos. This way my heores and agent aren't compleat glass cannons if I don't get to go first. I'm also using the thing that boosts defense just incase.  

March 29, 2013

Rating: 894 (Top 21.6%) 

Using: Generalist Agent (lvl 73), Magneto (lvl 9), Future Foundation Invisible Woman (lvl 10). 

Battle 1: Agent (Generalist), Annihilus Human Tourch (Blaster), World War Hulk (Bruiser)


It was a very close battle, however Human Tourch's Blazing Speed procing everytime I tried to hit him with Magneto is what did it. 

Battle 2: Agent (Generalist), Human Tourch (Blaster), Hawkeye (Tactiction)

Easy win. 

Battle 3: Agent (Tactician), White Suit Spider-man (Scrapper), Annihilus Human Tourch (Blaster)

Very easy win.

Agent was using the Hoarfrost Mace and had something that gave all his people Corridinated Attack. I thaught that the fight was going to be much harder and I kinda expected to lose, but his people didn't have good defense or attack. I lost a total of like 500 health spread out over my heroes and agent. 

Battle 4: Agent (Generalist), Human Tourch (Blaster), Captain America (Tactiction)


Battle 5: Agent (Generalist), Hawkeye (Tactiction), Black Widow (Infiltrator)


No lie, I got spanked. It went to turn 5 or 6 and almost every single one of my attacks missed, which sucks but that's life. I made the mistake of trying to get people magnitized when I should have used Magneto's shield on turn 1. 

Battle 6: Agent (Tactician), Annihilus Human Tourch (Blaster), Future Fondation Invisible Woman (Infiltrator)

Very Easy Early Turn 2 Win.

Everything went off perfectly. My whole team got to go first and the only way it could have been better is if my agent went first. 

Battle 7: Agent (Generalist), Wolverine (Scrapper), Scarlet Witch (Blaster)


Scarlet Witch proced perfectly for them which is upsetting. She put Super Heroic on herself and I couldn't get passed Wolverine. I used Invisible Woman to hit his agent because I thaught he was the real threat, but I guess I learned my lesson. Not only that, but the Hex debuff she put on my team went off almost 100% of the time. 

Battle 8: Agent (Scrapper), Scarlet Witch (Blaster), Modern Dr. Strange (Blaster)

Close loss. 

Battle 9: Agent (Tactician), Human Tourch (Blaster), Wolverine (Scrapper)


Got a stupid Doombot Processor.   

March 31, 2013

Start: Rating went down by 36

New rating: 858 (top 29%) 

My team: Agent (Generalist), Magneto (Tactician), Futre Fondation Invisible Woman (Infiltartor) 

Battle 1: Agent (Generalist), Modern Dr. Stange (Blaster), Wolverine (Scrapper)


Nothing special to note. 

Battle 2: Agent (Tactician), Modern Dr. Strange (Blaster), Phoenix Five Colossus (Bruiser)

Easy Win.

Master of Magnitizim is amazing and works wonders. However, I'm still thinking about replaceing Invisible Woman. 

Battle 3: Agent (Generalist), Human Tourch (Blaster), Hercules (Bruiser)


Hercules is the reason I lost. He seems pretty solid, so I think I may get him and add him to my team. 

Battle 4: Agent (Generalist). Grey Suit Black Widow (Infiltraitor), Modern Dr. Strange (Blaster)

Easy Win. 

Battle 5: Agent (Scrapper), Phoenix Five Cyclops (Tactician), Heroic Age Hawkeye (Tactician)

Super Easy Win. 

Battle 6: Agent (Infiltraitor), Phoenix Five Phonix (Blaster), Sif (Scrapper)


I got spanked. My agent died turn 1, and Phoenix died like 4 times and kept coming back. Not to mention Sif weakend my guys. 

Battle 7: Agent (Tactician), Modern Dr. Strange (Blaster), Heroic Age Hawkeye (Tactician)


Hard to win when the entire  team goes first and all their stuff happens perfectly. 

Battle 8: Agent (Scrapper), Phoenix Five Cyclops (Tactician), Phoenix Five Phoenix (Blaster)


New Rating: 890 (23.4%)

Reward: 5 Challange Refill 

April 1, 2013 Rating 904 (Top 21.1%)   Battle 1: Annihilus Human Tourch (Blaster), Agent (Generalist), Claws Black Cat (Infiltraitor)  Loss. Black cat put 3 stacks of bleeding on all my guys and it was just down hill from there. It also gave me a combat validation error. Wish I would have known because I wouldn't have waisted my time with the battle. I went back later and saw that this fight was registered as a loss and I still lost points for it.    Battle 2: Annihilus Human Tourch (Blaster), Agent (Tactician), Modern Dr. Strange (Blaster) Win. Fairly easy win. However I ended up getting a combat validation error so, again, I waisted my time. This battle was also regestered as a loss.    Battle 3: Agent (Scrapper), Hercules (Bruiser), Storm (Blaster) Loss. So before I started today, I equiped myself with Sudden Support. It cost a good amount, but it was going to give my agent an extra free turn. Thats a lie. I never got my extra turn with it and I think it is what is causing my combat validation errors. I'm going to unequip it and go from there.    Battle 4: Agent (Generalist), Annihilus Human Tourch (Blaster), Modern Dr. Strange (Tactician) Win. This one was pretty easy, but my rating had gone down thanks to errors. I'm using Foley's Heart Tickeler again. I probably never should have unequipped it, but I wanted to try something new.    Battle 5: Agent (Generalist), Annihilus Human Tourch (Blaster), Future Foundation Spider-Man (Infiltraitor) Win. Pretty simple, nice and easy.    Battle 6: Agent (Tactician), Modern Dr. Strange (Blaster), Captain Britain (Bruiser) Loss. Captain Britain is op. Just sayin.    Battle 7: Agent (Tactician), Modern Dr. Strange (Blaster), Heroic Age Hawkeye (Tactician) Win. This one was a turn 2 win. However, the enemy agent used a possesed pistol which I've never seen before.    Battle 8: Agent (Generalist), Annihilus Human Tourch (Blaster), Phoenix Five Magik (Scrapper) Win. This one was made hard by Magik. I had never faced her before now and the agent was a protecter. I don't reallylook forward to facing her in the future either.    Battle 9: Human Tourch (Blaster), Captain America (Tactician), Agent (Generalist) Win.    Reward: 5 Challange RefillNew Rating: 916 (19.2%)

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