There is so many things that they said this is good, this the right thing to do, this the right hero to buy. In this blog Im saying tips that maybe fits for you. (Im not saying that the other user's blog or other people's blog is not useful; Im just saying that this are some things that may help you.)

what to do in my gold?

we all know gold is rare it is like our true money.  

1. convert it to cp.

2. do not buy gadgets or weaps that costs gold

3. never convert it into shield points

4. or collect it. Its the best way.

what to do in my cp?

1. buy the good heroes. 

But what is the guidelines for heroes?


1. with Quick Actions

2. with Counter/ Follow Up attacks

3.Healing ability

4. Stat increasing ability like Inspiring Leadership


6.Great Passives and Buffs and Attack Buffs

7. Can make 3- 10 debuffs in a fight like PVP


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