Here's my own techniques and strategies of finishing the S.H.I.E,L.D. Simulator battles. Sorry for my wrong grammar, because Im not American.

Simulator Intro

1.Single Enemy- Defeat a single enemy : Just kill the Iapetos Sentinel.

Simulator Basics

1. Single Enemy- Defeat a single enemy : Kill Blackheart. Its not so hard.

2. Multiple enemies- Defeat multiple enemies : You will face to hawkeyes, Bowman and Dark Hawk. Healing gadgets is important. Heroic Hawk is also needed, also bring one Inf into battle.

3. Replication- Defeat multiple Green Goblins : This is a hard batlle, you will fight 2 Goblins and they have many turns, and their Goblin Stuff no. 7 is deadly. My tip is, use ExObli, Nanurse, Any high damage weaps like Gold Sa80, EnSabah,Bolt Action or much better use Coulson's. Use Iron Patriot and one Bruiser (I use Colossus). For WarMa, 21 gun salute first, then use the Repulsor thing.Use the enrage to defeat one of them.

4. Score challenge- Complete Combat with score over 45000 : The best way to finish this is use Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. Because your enemy is Dynamo and 2 Hooligans, it seems its a hard battle, just use Chaos Shield to reverse the effects and Probability Field to put some buffs and debuffs on all. Quicksilver will serve as a backup, only for additional damage. Alts are required.

5. Solo Fight- Use one hero : You can use any hero, but only one hero is allowed. Put your strongest hero there, you will face Elektra.(B-A-W Wolverine is the best there is).

6. Restrictions- Statuses are removed from abilities : In this battle you will have a special debuff, the Powerless, actions are no longer apply statuses. The technique is use your 2 strongest bruiser, because Enraged is your only friend here. Bruisers are required because there are 2 Scrappers (2 Militants). Get 2 Enraged to defeat Tactical Force.(Thor is useful here).For agent, use weaps with counter attack effects,like Souldrainer because it ignores Shields.

7. Hazards- Team takes burning each round : In this battle use only Tacticians, because all of your enemies are Blasters. IP WarMa is good in this battle.

8. Restrictions- Only Blasters may be used : You will face only one Bruiser, and the other 2 is Tacticians. Use Modern Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch and Ms Marvel. For Strange use first Teresing Boost then Valtorr, then Balthakk. For Scarlet use Chaos Shield, then Hex Spheres, then Arcane Blast. For Ms Marvel use Absorb Energy, then Photon Blast.

9. Timed- Defeat the enemy in 4 rounds or Less : In this battle you need to finish it in less than 4 rounds. I used Iron Patriot, because his Repulsor is exploit RadExpo. I also used Wolverine because of his Berzerker thing.

10. Boss Rush- Face off against 9 enemies : They said Doom. Yeah, that's effective. But my team defeated this nine enemy, but you need patience and focus on the game.(the next steps is long hope you will read it all.)

You need:

Dr Strange LVL 10

Isos: 2 Flourishing Iso Crystal, 2 Chaotic Iso Crystal, Reactive Stoic Iso, Reactive Durable Iso

Invisible Woman LVL 10 

Isos: Speedy Iso Crystal, Reactive Tireless Iso, Reactive Adroit Iso, Reactive Spry Iso, Reactive Forceful Iso, Reactive Fortified iso

Agent In Generalist Empowered equipped with Gaunt Caress,Ex Oblivione, Curative Reach and SOA.

All you need here is luck, wish that Invisibility will trigger always. Strange is in charge of healing his allies and shielding them if theyre vulnerable.Agent should always debuff enemies by using Oblivione and remove debuffs by using SOA. In first wave forcecage Moonstone, Dr Strange should use Valtorr and he should kill Hydro Man. The Agent will keep hitting Crimson with Gaunt because he is always using Area attacks. Then if you defeat the two, focus your attention to Moonstone. She will always hit Strange, so keep using Curative. On the second wave allies and you should have almost full health. Forcecage Kang, use Valtorr and kill Bullseye by using Balthakk on him, Agent will lower the health of Hood and Kill him . Keep on forcecaging kang until the 2 was defeated. On the 3rd wave, your allies and you should have almost full health. Force cage Goblin, kill Skurge first. Invisibility should trigger here because the debuffs of Skurge is super deadly. Agent will shut Dragoness mouth if she used Raze or Rain of Fire. If you already killed Skurge, Dragoness is your next target. If you already killed her, keep on forcecaging Goblin until he lose turn because of goblon stupor. Strange should use Valtorr then Balthakk, Agent- Ex Obli or Curative or SOA, Susan- Spheres. Forcecage him if you want to heal your allies into full health. Use anything you have on him, and get 10 gold. 

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