Egasua was once a great sorcerer, he also became the Sorcerer Supreme. But due to old age that he cannot prevent, he gave four of his scrolls to each human. After giving the scrolls, the power of the scrolls creeps on the owners' body, giving them healing powers. They also got their own name from their ancestors.

The first scroll was given to Angolob, but the scroll gave him the powers that can bless the one that is good, and curse the one that is bad. Angolob still possess this scroll's powers.

The second scroll was given to Melsalam, and the scroll gave him the powers to heal what he wants to heal. He can also remove some diseases and illness. Melsalam still possess this powers, but Dr. Strange also know the spells inside the scroll.

The third one was given to Ocirebi Nomaj. The scroll gave him many powers, to heal, to burn enemies, and also remove some diseases and illness. Nomaj still possess this powers.

The last one, was given to Oziroch. The scroll does not give him much powers but just heal. But this healing power does not leave you until you recover. Oziroch still possess this powers.

There is one scroll that possess immense power, but less dangerous to owner. That was the Scroll of Aknazsak. It have four seals, the fourth seal holds the immense power. It was recovered inside the Cryptessence, which was opened by our sexy ally, Satana.

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