• Agent Boje

    My name is Agent Boje i am level 46 here are my heroes

    Blaster: Human Torch L6, Iron Man L5, Ms Marvel L5 and Storm L4

    Bruiser: She-Hulk L7, Colosus L3

    Tactician:War Machine L6, Cyclops L3, Hawkeye L3

    Scrapper: Luke Cage L4 , Iron Fist L4, Daredevil L3, Sif L2

    Infiltrator: Invisible Woman L7, Black Widow L2

    so if anyone says get a 3rd bruiser im saving for Hercules LATER , so i was looking at heroes within my price range i have (23-48) and see 2 hero's im interested in getting Kitty Pryde and Quicksilver i only have 28 cp so who should i save for first

    Kitty Pryde or Quicksilver comment a comment telling me why i should get one of them or how good/bad it would be to get one of them

    Comment plz

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