• AgentWolfe

    Group Boss Etiquette

    October 25, 2015 by AgentWolfe

    I'm by no means a MAA expert. I've only fought 4 of the Group Bosses (GB), and I'm definitely not the strongest player on my allies list. But, I have come up with a few rules that I follow and it seems to work. It gives you a lot of Lockboxes (LB), but it helps your friends get a lot of LB too. Trust me, I tried my first time all by myself & it just doesn't work. You need other ppl supporting you, and vice versa.

    First, you probably want some numbers right?

    LB hero: Costs between 80 and 360 LB.

    Personal experience: Costs for me range between 130 and 220 LB.

    Baron Mordo : 50 LB; sofar.

    Enchantress : Collected 481 LB.

    Superior Spider-Man : Collected 497 LB.

    Kang : ... Well, I'd just started.

    With the absolute best luck, you can unlock a hero with 80 LB, w…

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