• Special Operation chapter based on the Avengers vs. X-Men comic book event going on in Marvel Comics right now!
  • The reward hero for Spec Op 3 is Magik, the ruler of Limbo and sister of Colossus.
  • There are 25 new tasks required to unlock Magik.
  • Five of the X-Men have been transformed into the “Phoenix Five”, giving them incredible cosmic power and awesome new outfits: Colossus, Cyclops, Emma Frost, Phoenix, and Magik! You will encounter these powerful X-Men as allies on the X-Men side of the story, and opponents on the Avengers side.
    • Phoenix Five costumes for the other 4 heroes are not yet available for players to obtain, but they will be available for Command Points in the very near future.
    • When players obtain Magik, her default costume is the Phoenix Five version.
  • This chapter features “Split Missions” meaning there are two ways to play each segment. That means each mission has 2 bosses, and there are 2 different epic bosses. Again, players are free to try both sides as many times as they like.
  • There are 8 new boss rewards, new 3 task completion rewards, and 3 new research/upgrade rewards.
  • Gold “Unstable Iso-8” is now available on the “Gifts” page and obtainable through combat drops, the new “Daily Reward” feature, and boss/deploy rewards. This is new resource is required for all Spec Op 3 combats and deploys.
  • Heroes are fighting heroes! Certain heroes will not be available to you for use in combats or deploys depending on which side of the story you have chosen. Don’t worry, you still have these heroes, and they are available for play on the other side!
  • For the first time ever, Marvel: Avengers Alliance is leaving the comfort of New York City and traveling to San Francisco. Missions 1 and 3 feature the Golden Gate and Alcatraz maps, respectively. You may notice a few famous Marvel Comics locations.
  • Players may notice a new type of Team-Up on the X-Men side of the story where the character is available in your roster of heroes to deploy to the fight, but doesn’t necessarily start on the map or pre-fight screen. Make sure you check out the hero roster in the fight; you may see a Team-Up with Gambit, Storm, or other X-Men!

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