Some things I've noticed about PVP defense teams:

Ok, with the Season 11 being over for a couple weeks now and with Domino being announced as the next  PVP reward hero, I thought I'd share a couple things I've noticed the past couple seasons. I do this because with the new ability of setting a defensive team, some teams seem to have very little strategy behind them. 

Note: I'm not saying either my of my own teams are perfect, but in the interest of promoting a healthy community and dynamic PVP tournament, I thought I'd share my thoughts. I'm not making the below scenarios up, I have encountered these teams during tournament play.  And in the interest of fairness, I'm ignoring the Agent's weapons. I'll also be listing an example of how ONE hero could quickly clean out the team encountered in each example, and why I think so.

Team 1: 2 or more members of the opposing team share a class

Examples I've seen:

  1. Elektra and Inf Shadowcat;
  1. Rescue, Tac P5 Emma Frost;
  1. Scarlet Witch, Blaster Modern Dr Strange and Agent wearing Blaster armour;
  1. Brown and Tan Scrapper Wolverine, Scrapper Swashbuckler Nightcrawler and Scrapper Agent;
  1. WW2 Bruiser Cap, Ares (or X-23) and Bruiser Agent.

My issue with this team is pretty obvious, and I've encountered this more than I'd care to admit. Regardless of the class of the team, in my humble opinion you never want to have 2 or more members of your team sharing a weakness. With heroes being revamped and better passives being added (both with new uniforms and Eiso) this immediately puts you at a disadvantage. Now, the opposite could be true. Your team could have an advantage over one of your opponent's heroes. But this advantage won't mean much with a creative player who could simply use his other heroes to protect or wear  away at your advantage, or simply allow the "weak" hero to die and remove your advantage. Trust me, outnumbering your opponent doesn't mean a guaranteed win if you have no class advantage. 

Hero to beat: Example 1, Heroic Age Scrapper Iron Fist. The main threat here is Elektra, so removing her first or second round becomes a priority. For 2, Elektra's abilities negate the healing abilities of Rescue and Emma. Number 3 is almost a breeze with a decent Tactician like P5 Emma. Never under estimate Mental Anguish. 4 is probably the hardest, but P5 (Bruiser) Colossus could make short work of this team. Finally, number 5 presents a problem with Cap, but Mark 42 (Blaster) Iron Man comes to mind.

Only exception I can think of is an all Generalist team, but since I haven't encountered that for a few seasons, can't really comment. Would require a very carefully equipped agent for it to work though...

Team 2: One team member has a class advantage over another

Examples I've seen (note: the following all were accompanied by a Generalist Agent):

  1. Rescue and Elektra;
  1. Ghost Rider and Ares;
  1. Scarlet Witch and P5 Tac Emma Frost.

A few of you who've seen my posts responding to people asking for advice on a team will know that this is a pet peeve of mine. When I see a team like this it tells me that the Agent is counting on the AI to know what to do when encountering certain team set ups. Now the AI can be pretty good when it comes to heroes who can change classes (Omega Sentinel and Mockingbird come to mind). But as a rule... not so much when it comes to the Agent's gear. Similar to my "Team 1" examples, this is also taking the chance that any Agent who attacks you won't have a hero who  will have a class advantage over you. 

Hero to beat: Starting with # 1, a team which has a good scrapper (Heroic age Iron Fist) could decimate Elektra quickly using his Heart of Shou Lao/White hot Iron Fist combo. Number 2 is tricky, courtesy of Ghost Rider's sin, but Cylops in a blaster alt would make short work of Ares. Team 3 was a popular one for a couple seasons, and even though it's petered out, is still fairly potent. Using Elektra to counter Emma takes most of the bite out of this team.

I guess my main advice for this post (and a good rule of thumb) is to be careful which classes you bring into PVP. There are 6 classes, and 5 have weaknesses that can be exploited with a clever opponent. I try to make sure that at least one of the three heroes I bring into pvp is strong against another's weakness.

Examples: Tactician and Scrapper, Blaster and Infiltrator; Bruiser and Tactician... 

You get the idea. Going into PVP, the odds are fairly good that you will encounter a team with at  least one hero with a class advantage over someone in your team. Try to arrange it so they only get ONE advantage. Better yet, if you follow the examples above, you have a good chance of having an advantage over one of your opponent's heroes as well ;-)

Questions? Comments? Suggestions for a future post? Comment below, just please be respectful.

Spam/hateful posts will be removed and the user who posted them reported.

Good luck in season 12! 

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