• AgentFabo

    Always in progress! Please feel free to add suggestions in the comments!


    • Nul, Breaker of Worlds + Kuurth, Breaker of Stone
    • Molly Hayes + Invisible Woman
    • Pestilence, Red Hulk, Gamora

    • Meteor Swarm (Does massive damage, stacks and can't be removed! Good to know: Magic/ Ground-attacks increase the amount of stacks on the enemies!)
    • Depower (because it literally prevents all sorts of debuffs, once applied!)
    • Despair (prevents healing and can't be removed!)
    • Exhausted (no quick-actions, no extra turns! Takes out Nul and Molly Hayes pretty good!)
    • Shield Breaker (gains more relevance because of Invisible Woman and several new shield using heroes.)

    • Bruiser's Safeguard Suite
    • Tactician's Empowered Armor
    • Generalist's Empowered Arm…

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