Here goes for my first installment, hopefully of many, of Get Off My Lawn!, a blog dedicated to the heroes/characters in Avengers Alliance. The purpose to to examine their character histories, via use of the the canon from the regular mags. Note: This is not a discussion of their worth in PVE or PVP, or strategy, just a discussion of their charcters.

Further disclosure: From this point out I will be defferentiating the Avengers Alliance and canon storyline with M:AA for the game, 616 for the mags/books/comics.

Oh, and if you disagree with me? Let's talk it out. There are pepole out there, like pkb I'm sure, who have read things I haven't, so this is just like, my opinion, man.

The Maximoff Family as Heroes?!? Really?

I am not a supporter of the Maximoff family, period. Just one mans personal opinion. I'll do a little note as to why:

  • Magneto: Mutant terrorist numero uno. His many violent actions have him rightfully vying Public Enemy #1 with the big boys like Doom. More on him later.
  • Scarlet Witch: Terrorist/hero/crazy as a bag full off cats. In her first incarnations she was hesitant and had weird powers, then in 616 she got OP, to the point where she almost made mutant kind extinct with one sentence.
  • Quicksilver: Hubristic, terrorized by his father, obsessed with his sister(not in a healthy way), pushes sister into world altering choices, then begins wars trying to clean up his mess.
  • Polaris: Lorna Dane, do you belong here? The mags have always been quiet about whether or not she is a member of this household, but the hints are that she is. I don't care much about her either way, plus she isn't in M:AA.

This is not done, I just want to get the concept of the discussion out there so that people can respond. Criticism I can take, especially cunstroctive criticism. Just try not to be a jerk, I'll just ignore you if you are.

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