Do These "Heroes" Belong on the Avengers?

  • I'm gonna eventually try to go through all the Heroes that are provided and make a case of their relative heroism. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the game, even if it does have warts. I just want to talk about the characters themselves, and how the females should wear pants. I'm not 12 anymore and many of those outfits make absolutely no sense for fighting, tangent ended.
  • Canonical character knowledge is a must, so I'll depend on the mag readers for input, otherwise there is no point. Anything outside M:AA and 616 is welcome, but those will be te the focus.
  • Very important point: this is an opinion piece, disagreements are welcome, flamers are not. There are characters that I DO NOT LIKE for my own reasons, that doesn't mean they are bad.
  • I do not want this to be a dossier, just an exploration.

Demand for Feedback

  • Any recommendations on how I should structure this are very welcome, PLEASE. Jerks can just go troll someone else.
  • I know this is basic looking right now, but I have a lot on my plate and haven't time/decided how exactly I want this to come together.
  • It seems I'm addicted to bullet points, maybe I shouldn't be.
  • How should I order the Heroes?
    • Alphabetically
    • Themeatically
    • Or just as I get to them? - Probably how I am leaning.
  • Should we discuss the redeeming merits of certain villans?

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