In this blog I'll be putting my heroes, their levels and my future plans regarding them. This is meant to be like a diary sort of. So let's get to it.

Heroes By Class


Normal Hero Name--Level--Alt costume?--Random Comment

Missing Hero Name--Planning to recruit?--Planning to get Alt?--CP's needed


  • Iron Man--Level 9--None
  • Dr. Strange--Level 9--Modern Costume
  • Ms.Marvel--Level 8--None
  • Phoenix--Level 7--None
  • Storm--Level 5--None
  • Scarlet Witch -- Level 9--None
  • Human Torch--Level 9-- Annihilus costume


  • Hawkeye--Level 7--None
  • Cyclops--Level 9--Phoenix 5
  • War Machine--Level 9--None
  • Black Panther--Level 9--None
  • Emma Frost--Level 9--Phoenix 5

Missing Heroes:

  • Captain America--Yes--Yes/WW2 Alt--90 for hero+32 for Tactitian Alt
  • Mr.Fantastic--Not a priority--Maybe FF--33 for Hero+50 for Alt


  • Black Widow--Level 8--None
  • Invisible Woman--Level 9--FF Alt
  • Spider-Man--Level 9--None--Will be getting FF Alt
  • Gambit--Level 9--None

Missing Heroes:

  • Black Cat--Not a priority--Probably Scrapper Claws Alt--23 CP for hero+45 for scrapper alt(32 for inf )
  • Kitty Pryde--Not a priority--Maybe Shadowcat--33 CP for Hero+32 for Inf Alt
  • Nightcrawler--Very far down the list--None--48 CP


  • Colossus--Level 9--Modern Alt
  • She-Hulk--Level 8--None
  • Hercules--Level 9--None

Missing Heroes:

  • Hulk--Yes--Maybe WW Alt--90 CP for hero+63 CP for Bruiser Alt
  • Thing--Not a Priority--Not so likely FF Alt--33 CP for hero+33 for Alt
  • Thor--Yes--Not likely--90 CP for Hero


  • Daredevil--Level 3--None
  • Iron Fist--Level 8--None
  • Luke Cage--Level 7--None
  • Magik--Level 9--Phoenix 5
  • Quicksilver--Level 6--None
  • Ghost Rider--Level 9--None

Missing Heroes:

  • Sif--Not a Priority--Not Getting--23 CP for hero
  • Spider-Woman--Not a Priority--None--33 CP for hero
  • Wolverine--Yes but not so high up that list--None--90 CP
  • Deadpool--Yes when its available for purchase--None--X CP


  • Mockingbird--Level 6--(Man was she expensive...)

Missing Heroes:

  • Rogue--Yes--None--90 CP
  • Beast--Maybe--None--90 CP


Amount of Missing heroes:15

Amount of Missing CP:1096 (OMFG!!)

Current Priority List:

  1. Annihilus HT-- Done---
  2. WW2 Captain
  3. WW Hulk
  4. Thor

The rest aren't so important. This list may be affected by Spec Ops as I should recruit the needed heroes first or by newly released heroes.

Not spending CP's until Spec Ops 5 as i have blown all my reserves on mockingbird. 

State as of November 27th: 12 CP's, 57 Gold

Any comments on improvements I should make are welcome aswell as heroes that should be priorized.

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