• AgentAdolf

    In this blog I'll be putting my heroes, their levels and my future plans regarding them. This is meant to be like a diary sort of. So let's get to it.


    Normal Hero Name--Level--Alt costume?--Random Comment

    Missing Hero Name--Planning to recruit?--Planning to get Alt?--CP's needed

    • Iron Man--Level 9--None
    • Dr. Strange--Level 9--Modern Costume
    • Ms.Marvel--Level 8--None
    • Phoenix--Level 7--None
    • Storm--Level 5--None
    • Scarlet Witch -- Level 9--None
    • Human Torch--Level 9-- Annihilus costume

    • Hawkeye--Level 7--None
    • Cyclops--Level 9--Phoenix 5
    • War Machine--Level 9--None
    • Black Panther--Level 9--None
    • Emma Frost--Level 9--Phoenix 5

    Missing Heroes:

    • Captain America--Yes--Yes/WW2 Alt--90 for hero+32 for Tactitian Alt
    • Mr.Fantastic--Not a priority--Maybe FF--33 for Hero+…

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