PVP 6 Statistics

First of all: I'm new to this wikia, therefore I don't really know what is expected by you, to be written here. These are my personal statistics for the ongoing PVP Tournament. If you have any suggestions, I will try to update this overview accordingly.

IMPORTANT! I don't claim this to be 100% correct, or complete! This is just an information about the competition I encountered as far as the last update has been made, for the people who are interested. Other players might have different results, due to their gamestyle, rank and/or schedule of playing.

Tournament 21.03. - 11.04.2013

Last Update 10.04.2013

Number of Fights: 127

Percentage of Classes

Top Ten Heros

  1. Wolverine (Brown & Tan)
  2. Emma Frost (Phoenix 5)
  3. Captain Britain
  4. Dr. Strange (Modern)
  5. Phoenix (White Crown)
  6. Nightcrawler (Swashbuckler)
  7. Psylocke
  8. Quicksilver (Blue Costume)
  9. Mockingbird
  10. X-23

Top Ten Weapons

  1. Scroll of Angolob
  2. Warbringer Axe
  3. Hoarfrost Mace
  4. Dark Sigil
  5. Mahayuga
  6. Kuzuri
  7. Coulson's Revenge
  8. Signpost
  9. Quantum Jumper
  10. Rocket Pistol

Next update will follow soon!

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