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    First of all: I'm new to this wikia, therefore I don't really know what is expected by you, to be written here. These are my personal statistics for the ongoing PVP Tournament. If you have any suggestions, I will try to update this overview accordingly.

    IMPORTANT! I don't claim this to be 100% correct, or complete! This is just an information about the competition I encountered as far as the last update has been made, for the people who are interested. Other players might have different results, due to their gamestyle, rank and/or schedule of playing.

    Tournament 21.03. - 11.04.2013

    Last Update 10.04.2013

    Number of Fights: 127

    • 25% Tactician
    • 21% Blaster
    • 19% Bruiser
    • 14% Scrapper
    • 14% Infiltrator
    • 7% Generalist

    1. Wolverine (Brown & Tan)
    2. Emma Frost (Phoenix 5) …

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