My fellow true believers and gamers , i have been the only guy playing MAA in my group of friends and i thought of this method at about when i was lvl 3 when i needed shield points and now i'm a lvl 108 agent and it still helps me get unstable ISO-8 .So, for guys out there like struggling without the proper gift supplies here is the way ,but please use it the way given below and no way else.

1. Create a new email-id, preferably in another website than your current one to minimize the change for example:-

if your current one is get one in google as

2. Create a new fb account and friend yourself , by the way here is where you find how hard it is to find yourself.

3. Share the gifts between your selves .

i only posted this because there are too many variables in this game (roulettes etc.) and there should be something that we have complete control over .with this you dont have to worry about gifts ,it may make you a lone wolf but you will be one with a good amount of  whatever you need and with the new patch you can get more than 50 UISO-8 by visiting yourself

PLEASE dont use it to stalk someone or do something illegal .


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