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    controlling your gift flow

    February 22, 2013 by Adm wrlck

    My fellow true believers and gamers , i have been the only guy playing MAA in my group of friends and i thought of this method at about when i was lvl 3 when i needed shield points and now i'm a lvl 108 agent and it still helps me get unstable ISO-8 .So, for guys out there like struggling without the proper gift supplies here is the way ,but please use it the way given below and no way else.

    1. Create a new email-id, preferably in another website than your current one to minimize the change for example:-

    if your current one is get one in google as

    2. Create a new fb account and friend yourself , by the way here is where you find how hard it is to find yourself.

    3. Share the gifts between your selves .

    i only…

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  • Adm wrlck

    extreme Punisher fan sent me this after seeing his "walking armory" move lol;)

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  • Adm wrlck

    This is just too damn funny!!!

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  • Adm wrlck

    after the recent patch i hadnt fought a HT in pvp for sometime but i just fought 10 consecutive battles out of

    which 6 teams had a HT . I think there is something seriously wrong with his "flame on" , i mean it appears everytime some on the other team gets a buff or a debuff or either of the agents use signpost and the  problem is that it lenghtens the duration of the battle and makes it really boring , i just want to know if it is only me or is it a known bug?

    any and all help would be appreciated!!!

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