This is my first blog, so please bear with me. I'm writing this for people who are of a like mind when it comes to Omega Sentinel. First off, she can change classes to bruiser, tactician or scrapper w/o using up a turn and w/o expending stamina. That for me solves one of the biggest questions in PvP. Do I dare field a bruiser for fear being one shot by a offensively accelerated blaster like the Human Torch.

Then comes the overclocked abilty, means she gets 2 turns every round like quicksilver. Now, I have levellep her up only to lvl5 till now, so I am still not familiar with 6 skills spread over 3 classes. But from what I,ve gathered by reading guides and watching recruited videos is that, she can give the 4 basic buffs to all her allies. In scrapper mode, she can apply strengthened to all allies. In bruiser mode, she can apply fortified. And finally in tact mode, she can give agile and focused buffs. So, in theory by the end of the second round she can give all 4 buffs.

And to improve that, the application of focused is through a single target attack that puts targetted debuff on the enemy. With that debuff, I believe all attacks on that target are guaranteed to hit and crit. I might have to try this out, when I do get all her skills, but this should effectively solve my problem against evasive buffs like psionic shadow and protective shroud which procure like mad when you play the A.I.

In bruiser mode, Omega can also protect her allies from single target attacks much like Cap's Shield Guard, but I'm still unclear as to how many rounds that buff lasts. I'm even led to believe she has a pretty powerful all-ally heal in this mode.

She even has an a.o.e burning attack that would go very well with attacks that exploit burning, like Human Torch's Nova Blast. And before I forget, she even has a skill that gives allies the mirror images buff. So yeah, pretty much all the basic support requirements.

So all-in-all I've gotta say when levelled to 10+, Omega could be a real power player in the PvP arena.

Please don't hold back any criticisms or corrections on this blog. This is more to invite discussion than provide direction.

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