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    Omega OP??

    April 17, 2013 by Adiragnam

    This is my first blog, so please bear with me. I'm writing this for people who are of a like mind when it comes to Omega Sentinel. First off, she can change classes to bruiser, tactician or scrapper w/o using up a turn and w/o expending stamina. That for me solves one of the biggest questions in PvP. Do I dare field a bruiser for fear being one shot by a offensively accelerated blaster like the Human Torch.

    Then comes the overclocked abilty, means she gets 2 turns every round like quicksilver. Now, I have levellep her up only to lvl5 till now, so I am still not familiar with 6 skills spread over 3 classes. But from what I,ve gathered by reading guides and watching recruited videos is that, she can give the 4 basic buffs to all her allies. I…

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