Here it goes my method to defeat Blackheart (scrapper or any other that doesn't gain buffs for counters ou tacticians), easily...

1st: The Agent - Equip him with a weapon containing Pinpoint Target or Targeted (quick action); a debuffer weapon (I use Demon Talon), and any other gadgets or weapons (I use Girl's Best Friend and Tecno-Organic Endoskeleton)...

2nd: PF Cyclops - Use Evasive Maneuvers to counter his attacks, then flank him with Optic Blast;

3rd: Blackheart time! If he use Foul Play, your counter will be halted. But if he uses Malevolent Minions or Fearful Strike, better;

4th: HA Hawkeye - Pinpoint Target again (to make sure that he will Rapid Fire), than Sure Shot him (flanked will make sure he gets at least 3 or 4 shots, and a lot of debuffs);

5th and beyond: Repeat all, but use Exploit Weakness with Cyc. With this, he will use Optic Blast on the second attack and you will save your precious stamina...

Do not attack his minions!

The results will be like this (and a lot of money):


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