• I live in Brazil
  • My occupation is Herald of Thanos and every other villain in existence
  • I am Male
  • AdamMagus

    Here it goes my method to defeat Blackheart (scrapper or any other that doesn't gain buffs for counters ou tacticians), easily...

    1st: The Agent - Equip him with a weapon containing Pinpoint Target or Targeted (quick action); a debuffer weapon (I use Demon Talon), and any other gadgets or weapons (I use Girl's Best Friend and Tecno-Organic Endoskeleton)...

    2nd: PF Cyclops - Use Evasive Maneuvers to counter his attacks, then flank him with Optic Blast;

    3rd: Blackheart time! If he use Foul Play, your counter will be halted. But if he uses Malevolent Minions or Fearful Strike, better;

    4th: HA Hawkeye - Pinpoint Target again (to make sure that he will Rapid Fire), than Sure Shot him (flanked will make sure he gets at least 3 or 4 shots, and a lot …

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