this time i am going

Iron Man Mk 42 Armor Portrait Art

to write a review on all the heroes of marvel avengers alliance


IRON MAN: iron  man is a weak choice overall without his armor from the movie. without his armor he is absolutely nothing. but you worked enough for it you have got one of the best suits in the game. the armor enhances his power to a all new level. he deals good with multiple enemies now. but without this he feels absurd to use.

rating : 1/5 for normal and 5/5 for movie nothing without his armor but the suit can make all the difference.

BLACK WIDOW: she was nothing special before but after the update she is much better to use. she can apply marked for revenge every time she is attacked and can remove the buffs easily from the opponent. in her tactician suit she counters all attacks and have all the attacks stealthy.

rating: 3/5 depends on the metagene she is playing can become a nightmare 

Black Widow FB Artwork 3

for bodyguard teams.

HAWKEYE: hawkeye is a bit of a lackluster in his normal or avengers uniform but he can become a serious threat when he gets heroic suit which apply almost all of the debuffs in the game randomly but has to be more patient for him to get good as he puts debuffs very randomly.

rating : 1/5 without heroic suit and 4/5 with the suit. he can get very dangeours with his suit but can get hammered with buff removal effects which is quite common nowadays

15 cp heroes 

CYCLOPS : cyclops is a quite a tricky character. he got buffed which immensly improved his third shot. then when we were expecting some more things from his uncanny suit it nerfed the third shot. he is a player which can defeat a team by mainly supporting his own team and can do some serious damage in his p5 suit.

rating : 4/5 only his passives are able to grant that. the morale boost is something 

Hawkeye FB Artwork 2

that triggers irritatingly and is also very good at increasing stats.  

INVISIBLE WOMAN : she is a tricky but weak character. if you are a starter in the game she is a monster. but as you gain levels in the game her power fades over time. she creates shields like hell but shields are so small that a hero over 33 cp can smash that shield. her force cage is something that makes a hero immortal until that fades.

rating: 3/5 she is good at the start but can be easily dominated and is not really a good balance of offense and defense.  

SHE HULK : shulkie is another 15 cp starter damage booster pack. she is so good at starting levels that you start to think who needs hulk. but she also starts to fade slowly. but she is good for start. gaining extra turns and dealing immense damage is her main power.

rating : 2/5 she is a powerful asset at start but very weak in pvp ever. she can dominate once or twice but hey! there are better charcters out there.

IRON FIST : what can i say about iron fist. he was one of the worst characters out there. but after the update in his alt he is a monster both in pvp and pve. in his alt he is the best healer a good offenser and has a move which can remove debuffs and can be used while stunned. he has got an fatal blow move and a monster move. 

rating : 5/5 in his alt and 3/5 normally. the only drawback : he takes too much heroes to get in his best form.

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