• Abhigyan parashar

    Special Operations in Marvel: Avengers Alliance are roughly month long events that can be completed to gain access to a new hero. These heroes tend to be a cut above the average hero in the game and are generally sought after for unique abilities and powers. If you fail to acquire a Special Operations hero during the allotted time, each one goes up for sale at a cost of 200 command points roughly a year after initially being released. That is the highest cost for any hero in the game and not one you want to pay regularly. But, a few of these heroes are actually worth that impressive cost. The following are the top five best Special Operations heroes in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

    5. Rescue - Rescue is a favorite on defensive teams in PvP, bu…

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  • Abhigyan parashar

    this time i am going

    to write a review on all the heroes of marvel avengers alliance


    IRON MAN: iron  man is a weak choice overall without his armor from the movie. without his armor he is absolutely nothing. but you worked enough for it you have got one of the best suits in the game. the armor enhances his power to a all new level. he deals good with multiple enemies now. but without this he feels absurd to use.

    rating : 1/5 for normal and 5/5 for movie nothing without his armor but the suit can make all the difference.

    BLACK WIDOW: she was nothing special before but after the update she is much better to use. she can apply marked for revenge every time she is attacked and can remove the buffs easily from the opponent. in her ta…

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