Success! Got stressed towards the end but everything went as planned.First of all the results:

Rank:Adamantium 2733th

Rating: 1707

Wins: 429

Losses: 345

Finished the tournament with the following setup:


Infiltrator Agent with Power Armor, Signpost, QJ, Soulfinder, Hoar Mace

Lvl 11 Mod Blaster Dr. Strange

Lvl 11 Ghost Rider

The plan was to put the agent on the line, taking the single atacks and replying with the soulfinder, thus applying sins for the GR to exploit.If the initiative was mine, the battle was usually over in a few minutes: Signpost,QJ and then full attack.The combo Bane-Void-Soulfire is a killer. The good doctor has so many tricks in his sleave, healing, shielding, huge damage.The thing is that he is fragile...That's where the mace was priceless.

I started fighting in the tournament from the first day.Wanted to go up the 100 fights very soon, so that I can control the situation.Once I reached adamantium then it was a matter  of being careful of the ranking and the opposition.Didn't want to climb up the higher ranks, things can get messy there....Never really been in danger of falling too many positions down.This game follows some simple rules that you need to follow for a successful PvP:

  • Play every day.You HAVE to keep track of what's going on, never leave matters uncontrolled.I played every single day from the beggining, not huge amount of fights but if you see that you start losing a lot in ranking, do a few fights and get back up.Today I didn't even have to use CP from my stash because of that simple method.
  • Acquire as many heros as you can.The bonus they give is a great advantage.It's better to have many heros, than a few high level ones.
  • Update your armory.Mead horns gave me the boost I needed.You don't need huge amount of gold for very high bonuses, just be smart.I beated easily people with armories full of anklebiters and furies.By the way my PvP bonus is 36851-22447, just with mead horns, runestones,golden shields and golden weapons.
  • Try to form a strategy in your play, every piece of equipment has to interact perfectly with each other and your heros.Leave nothing in luck.Of course luck is also important, but you have to make your own luck as much as you can.

Well, I enjoyed this tournament, much better in variety, in strategies, huge upgrade from the previous one, which was limited to groups with Caps and SWs.No hero is invulnerable, everyone has his weakness.

Looking forward to the next one, hopefully though not anytime soon.I want to rest and enjoy Christmas :)

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